The Salt Book

Pastry chef extraordinaire Mae had a bloggiversary book giveaway a while ago and I was lucky enough to win the prize. Unfortunately, the book never arrived to my house Mae kindly sent me another copy. Mae, you rock!

The book I won was The Salt Book: Your Guide To Salting Wisely And Well, With Recipes by Fritz Gubler and David Glynn. The book does not only contain heaps of information about the different kinds and uses of salt, but also recipes ranging from flavoured salts to cured meats to desserts! Great stuff.

The first recipe I chose to try was the Brined Trout. I didn’t use sugar in my brine, but a couple of tablespoons of honey instead. The trout fillets remained in the brine for 2 hours as directed.

Trout in brine

Trout in brine

Then I grilled them and served them with a baby spinach, roast pumpkin & macadamia salad.

Brined trout

Brined trout

The result was good, but a bit too salty. I wonder if the fillets I bought were to small. No way to know, because the book didn’t specify size or weight. It doesn’t indicate number of servings, either. Apart from those two small glitches, I think The Salt Book is a great addition to my cookbook collection, and I can’t wait to try more recipes!

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