Review: Tamana’s (Newtown)

Soon after moving to Sydney, Alvaro and I started to explore the dining scene in Newtown. We were overwhelmed by the variety of choice and did our best to try something new every time we ate out. I had stayed away from Indian food for several years after my traumatising experience but as the saying goes, times cures everything, and I was ready to eat it again. We went to Tamana’s, a takeaway/dine-in restaurant on King Street. If my taste memory was right, the food was very similar to what I had in India. Alvaro, on the other hand, wasn’t very pleased (he hates cumin and spicy food).

It took my a while to go back to Tamana’s, this time with my sister. I remembered the place when my friend Tricia sent me the link to, a gluten-free online guide. Tamana’s menu clearly states gluten-free (including all curries) and dairy-free items. They also pride themselves on cooking all dishes in pure polyunsaturated vegetable oil (thanks for promoting inflammation in our bodies by feeding us oxidized PUFAs!), which of course is a good selling point for people who follow conventional wisdom. I guess you can’t expect everything to be perfect.

They do offer gluten-free naan. Gladys asked about the ingredients; it had rice flour, sugar and yoghurt. No, thanks.

Gluten-free naan sign

All food is ready to go in a hot display, so eating in can be really fast.

Hot food display

There are several combo choices, which include two or more curries with rice or bread. We ordered a bowl of mango chicken curry (chicken pieces cooked in mango pulp, coconut cream and spices) and a bowl of lamb curry (diced lamb cooked with onions, tomato and spices), both with no rice. We also bought a couple of katchmumber, a chopped salad of tomato, onion and cucumber. Very refreshing.


Katchmumber ($2.70)

Both curries were delicious, the meats tender and not dry, the sauces mild in heat and full of flavour.

Mango chicken curry

Mango Chicken curry ($9.90)

Lamb curry

Lamb curry ($10.30)

We still had room for some more curry goodness. This time we chose the beef Vindaloo, described as a very hot beef curry with vinegar and Peri-Peri spices. It was good, but we preferred the other two curries. Unfortunately we didn’t any salad left to turn off the heat.

Beef Vindaloo curry

Beef Vindaloo curry ($9.90)

196 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9519 2035

6 thoughts on “Review: Tamana’s (Newtown)

  1. I use to love Indian food. Not that I have anything against it now, it just never rates high on the dining out list. I do make Indian style foods at home funnily enough. Quite a vast ready to eat range at Tamanas.

  2. Newtown is far for me, so I can never justify going all that way just for Indian, when there’s really good Indian in Harris Park. I like that they offer gluten free options though.

  3. This place has been here forever …. I remember eating here about fifteen years ago (!) and it was cheap and cheerful. No real attraction to return to it though unless I had a sudden urge for Indian while traipsing up and down King Street.

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