Review: Dome @ The Arthouse Hotel (Sydney CBD)

Dimmi works. Apart from being a reliable tool for booking restaurants online, they do give what they offer, i.e. vouchers for free meals once you’ve accumulated enough points.

The deal is that for every 8 bookings you do via Dimmi, they give you a $50 voucher to spend in one of several restaurants. There are some conditions, of course: you can’t use more than one voucher at once, if your bill is less than $50 you don’t get a refund, and vouchers can be used Sunday to Thursday only, with some special day exceptions (Valentine’s Day, for example).

One of the restaurants in the list is Mumu Grill, which would have been my first choice if it wasn’t that far away from my office. Thus, I picked option #2: Dome @ The Arthouse Hotel, based on their menu.

The restaurant is nice, the business/fancy kind of establishment typical of the CBD. It got its name from the beautiful dome in the ceiling.


There is art on the walls but we were more interested in the menu.


The waitress pulled the easel that holds the menu du jour blackboard. I had my heart set on the spicy steak tartare, which we ordered sans crostini. We also ordered the carpaccio of Hiramasa king fish served with rubi grapefruit and finger limes.

We figured out two entrées and a main would be enough for us. Choosing it took me a bit more time, I was torn between the fish and the duck, but Alvaro preferred the confit duck a l’orange, described as crispy duck and potato served with warm marmalade.

Both entrées arrived at the same time. We applied the “eat half and swap” approach. I started with the carpaccio, which was fresh and lovely but for me needed more zing. I guess I was expecting something closer to a tiradito. The serving was on the small side, which made me worry about the amount of food we had ordered.

Carpaccio of Hiramasa king fish

Carpaccio of Hiramasa king fish ($17.00)

Next I tried the steak tartare. It had been a while since I had one, this one was very tasty, but a bit too spicy for Alvaro. I found the greenery in the entrées very pleasing, both to the eye and the palate.

Spicy steak tartare

Spicy steak tartare ($18.00)

The confit duck was the highlight of the meal. The bird itself was very flavourful and the sweet, sticky and citrusy marmalade made it even more addictive. The potato (it appeared to be baked and then fried) below the duck was delicious, too, I think thanks to the taste borrowed from the rest of the components of the dish.

Confit duck a l'orange

Confit duck a l’orange ($32.00)

Dome @ The Arthouse Hotel
Level 1, 275 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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