Organic meats & gourmet ice pops at Eveleigh Farmers’ Market

I do most of my grocery shopping on Saturdays at the Eveleigh Farmers’ Market. Apart from a truckload of vegetables I get some meat when I haven’t planned a visit to Establishment 218 or I need something I can’t get there. There are several meat stalls at the market: the duck people, the poultry lady, the free-range pork guys, the Angus beef people, a couple of lamb stalls, etc., but more often than not I end up getting my protein supply at the Marion Plains Pastoral stall.

Marion Plains Pastoral

Marion Plains Pastoral product list and products

So what’s good about Marion Plains Pastoral? First of all, it’s certified organic, so at least you know their animals are raised within certain quality parameters. It’s a family ran business, and just by talking to Mr Farmer you can tell they take good care of their animals. This, of course, reflects in the flavour. I’ve tried different cuts and products of their beef, lamb and pork, and all have been great. Mr Farmer is also willing to help people make good choices, just tell him what are you planning to cook for dinner and he’ll point you in the right direction. You may also change your mind completely based on his suggestions!

Marion Plains Pastoral

Mr Farmer in action

The previous week I bought soup bones, plus three goat roasts (one big, two small). This time I only needed to stock on some portable food to bring to a Buddhist event where the food provided will be pretty much aligned with the SAD (Standard American Diet, or Standard Australian Diet… they contain basically the same crap). Keeping in mind that preparation is the key to success, I was planning to get several packages of beef jerky (which Mr Farmer prepares with just organic beef, salt and paprika) but sadly he had none. He told me he should have some in about a month, and offered an alternative: twiggy sticks. They’re prepared like a salami: fermented and dry-cured, and come in conveniently sized “sticks” in a vacuum-sealed bag. The ingredients list in the package says they contain sugar but Mr Farmer swore he doesn’t put any sugar in his dry-cured meats, only in the smoked ones. They are made from either beef or beef and pork; I bought a few packages of each, plus a package of his amazing pork sausages, which have nothing else than pork, salt and pepper.

Marion Plains Pastoral

Twiggy sticks and pork sausages

Mr Farmer’s son treated Rubi with some of their great dog treats.

Marion Plains Pastoral

Dog treats

On our way back home Alvaro stopped at Fresh Pops, a new stand that sells “natural gourmet” (that can mean anything, really) ice pops.

Fresh Pops

Fresh Pops

He got an apple, passionfruit & mango ice pop, the only flavour combo that didn’t have added sugar or dairy. I tried it and it was delicious, not very sweet and with a big chunk of real mango in the middle. I ended up eating half of his and buying another one to share, which I later regretted.

Apple passionfruit mango

Apple, passionfruit & mango ice pops

Ice pop lovers who are not afraid of added sugar, dairy or big price tags ($4.50 each) are encouraged to try all the flavours and report back.

Fresh Pops flavours

Fresh Pops flavours

Marion Plains Pastoral

Fresh Pops

6 thoughts on “Organic meats & gourmet ice pops at Eveleigh Farmers’ Market

  1. Glad you and Alvaro are enjoying our Freshpops dairy free and sugar free options from our ever changing menu! Re: added sugars, sometime to balance citrus or tart berries we add a dash of unrefined organic sugars, however we keep it very minimal and eliminate altogether where possible such as in the Apple Passionfruit Mango Freshpop, which we are glad to hear was delicious! Thanks for stopping by our Eveleigh Stall.

  2. It was so nice to see something Fresh at Eveleigh last Saturday. The yellow umbrella was like a warm, welcoming beacon amongst the sea of concrete and steel. I tried the Fig, cinnamon and vanilla creme, and was pleasantly surprised. The texture combination of creamy milk and chunky fruit was a delight to the senses. And the staff were super friendly. Will be back next week to buy a take home pack for the crew!

  3. I bought 4 of those pops a few weeks ago at the markets, and they were amazing! Highlights were the spiced coffee and the Fig! SOSOSOSOS good! Also if you like nice lamb you should try the Mirrool Creek Stand as that is all they sell, and really good product.

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