Review: Scrambled (Enmore)

My sis and I had a hard time looking for a place to have lunch last Sunday. It doesn’t happen often, but we were faced with a lack of Paleo-friendly options wherever we stepped in. We finally ended up in Scrambled, a cafe on Enmore Road that is always packed, which is usually a sign of good food and/or service.

The menu is perfect for breakfast/brunch, with eggs cooked many ways, fruit/veggie drinks and burgers being the main focus. We ordered a salmon stack (smoked salmon, poached eggs, roquette & Spanish onions served on garlic Turkish toast with dill aioli) and country eggs (mushrooms & semi dried tomatoes folded through scrambled eggs served with bacon) to share, and asked for no toast. Unfortunately, our waitress (who was lovely, by the way) thought we only wanted the country eggs with no toast so our salmon stack arrived piled up on Turkish bread. We were offered the option of serving the stack on a different plate, which wouldn’t be a suitable option for a celiac, because the salmon would be already contaminated with gluten. Even worse, we were warned that everything in the kitchen was cross-contaminated because they use the same chopping boards and utensils for everything. They do offer gluten-free bread for an extra cost, which makes me think: why mislead customers by offering gluten-free bread if they don’t bother separating utensils in the kitchen?

Salmon stack

Salmon stack ($14.90)

Country eggs

Country eggs ($14.00)

Rant aside, both the salmon stack and country eggs were tasty but nothing out of this world. With no huge slices of bread in our tummies we were still hungry so we ordered some green eggs (fresh pesto folded through scrambled eggs served with grilled tomatoes or smoked ham) and a couple of long blacks.

The green eggs were again good but not mind-blowing. Something in the meal didn’t sit very well in our stomachs, me thinks it was the pesto.

Green eggs

Green eggs ($13.00)

205 Enmore Road
Enmore NSW 2042
(02) 9519 5181