Review: Mountain Ridges Cafe (Katoomba)

A bunch of us went on Saturday to the Blue Mountains to check out the venue for an upcoming event. We stopped at Katoomba for a midday feed. When the passengers of car # 2 (namely my housemates and I) arrived, we found passengers of car # 1 sitting outside the Mountain Ridges Cafe and with starving looks in their faces. Sorry for being late, guys!

Mountain Ridges

The cafe is located opposite The Carrington Hotel. They do breakfast til 1 pm and have a good selection of lunch dishes. Perhaps the most attractive thing in the menu, for me, were the loose leaf organic teas. Alvaro, Bonnie and I had the green tea with lime and coconut ($4 a pot), which was fantastic. Other beverages in our table included cappuccinos, macchiatos and a chai.



Soups were popular in our group that day. Two zucchini and two pumpkin soups arrived in giant bowls with slices of crusty bread on the side. Soup slurpers were happy.

Zucchini soup

Zucchini soup

Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup

The big breakfast was another popular item. The standard two free-range eggs with pan-fried bacon, beef chipolata sausages, roast tomato, juicy sautéed mushrooms, home-made hash browns and toast were ordered two ways: one with poached eggs and normal toast and other with fried eggs and gluten-free toast (for $1 extra). Unfortunately the kitchen mixed up the orders, but the eaters were happy to stick to what they were given.

Big breakfast with fried eggs

Big breakfast with fried eggs ($12.90)

Big breakfast with poached eggs

Big breakfast with poached eggs and gluten-free toast ($13.90)

Another breakfast dish was the now classic variation of an old favourite: the eggs salmon Benedict, gently poached free-range eggs on a bed of fresh smoked salmon and rocket salad topped with Hollandaise Sauce and served on toasted Turkish bread. Those looked fantastic.

Eggs salmon Benedict

Eggs salmon Benedict ($13.90)

Some people shared a batch of Cheesy Cheddar chips, hot chips topped with melted cheddar cheese and crispy bacon. The bacon didn’t look that crispy but I’m sure the guys enjoyed the chips.

Cheesy cheddar chips

Cheesy Cheddar chips ($8.50)

Coincidentally, all the members of my household had the same dish: grilled seasonal fish fillet, a delicate boneless fish fillet, lightly seasoned and grilled, brushed with lemon butter, served with a fresh garden salad and your choice of a sweet potato and pumpkin mash or chips. We all ordered the sweet potato and pumpkin mash, which unfortunately had white potatoes in it. The fish fillet (skate, I think) was not that good, I had the feeling the dish was overpriced for what we got.

Grilled seasonal fish fillet

Grilled seasonal fish fillet ($19.90)

Other dishes in the mains menu included steak, prawns and kangaroo, I think I might try one of those if there’s a next time.

Mountain Ridges Cafe
40 Katoomba St
(02) 4782 3330

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