Review: Carlisle Castle Bistro (Newtown) (2)

It took us six months of living in Camperdown to revisit our local, the Carlisle Castle Hotel. On an auspicious January Saturday the planets aligned, all four of us were home at the same time, and nobody had plans for lunch.

Last time we were there, almost a year ago, we ordered very different meals: we all had sandwiches, chips and beer. Man, how have we changed! This time Alvaro and I shared the crispy skin salmon served with chat potato, chorizo, capers, spanish onion, rocket & horseradish aioli and the chargrilled marinated octopus served with Mediterranean style salad. I asked in the kitchen if they could give me something else instead of potatoes. “We can do chips”, they said. “No, no potatoes”, I replied. “Mash?”. “No potatoes”. It took a while but finally they gave me a potato-free option: salad.

The salmon was great, the skin crispy as advertised and the seasoning spot-on. The vegetable matter was a standard garden salad with a bit of avocado and some capers. Sadly, they cut the chorizo out of the meal along with the potatoes, resulting in not that good bang for our buck. I couldn’t find the aioli, either, unless that’s how they call the green oil on the plate.

Crispy skin salmon

Crispy skin salmon ($25.50)

The chargrilled marinated octopus with salad, basically a garden salad plus lots of olives and roasted capsicum, was very tasty, zero complains here.

Chargrilled marinated octopus

Chargrilled marinated octopus ($15.50)

Bonnie had to overcome her aversion to animals served whole with her chargrilled mackerel. I took the head off and ate it to make things easier for her. The fish was a bit small but tasted great, ditto on the salad.

Chargrilled mackerel

Chargrilled mackerel ($23.50)

Neil had a garden salad with chicken. He was happy with his choice.

Garden salad with chicken

Garden salad with chicken

Carlisle Castle Bistro
19 Albermarle Street
Newtown 2042
(02) 9557 4852

4 thoughts on “Review: Carlisle Castle Bistro (Newtown) (2)

  1. I quite like this place and go fairly often if I’m craving a bit of fish. The herbed oil they use somehow ends up on many dishes so I’m guessing your aioli was forgotten about completely.

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