Urban Food Market

It’s not uncommon for food bloggers to get inspiration/food envy/serious cravings from looking at other people’s blogs. On one hand it’s great because you find out about great eats that you can later experience first hand. On the other hand it’s kinda lame to blog about something that somebody else already did.

So I’ll keep this lame post short. It’s so lame that the inspiration came not from one but from two of Miss Piggy’s posts: this one on Pepe Saya butter and this one on Urban Food Market.

When I read about Pepe Saya butter the word cultured hit me. Good butter is a marvelous product but good cultured butter? It’s a completely new level. And could it be possible that the cows that produced the milk were grass-fed? I emailed Pepe Saya and the almost immediate reply was “yes”. I could see fireworks in my computer monitor. Grass-fed cultured butter, ladies and gentlemen. Conjugated Linoleic Acid, omega-3, carotenes, vitamin K2, and friendly bacteria packed in a creamy, delicious spread. I had to get some! Unfortunately, the Christmas holidays arrived soon and they shut the shop. I emailed them last week to see if they’d be back on Saturday but unfortunately they won’t be opening most weekends this years. But there was light at the end of the tunnel, they shot me an email saying that they’ve checked their list of stockists and found out Urban Food Market is open on Saturdays.

This took us to

Urban Food Market

in Marrickville. They are one of the few businesses that focus on naturally-fed, ethically-raised, sustainably-produced meats. People who often don’t care about that are, in my opinion, not looking at the big picture. Animals that are fed food that is not natural for them get sick and are given antibiotics, which we later ingest along with the meat. Healthy animals = healthy soil & healthy planet = healthy people eating the animals = plenty of food for the future of humanity.



We did not buy any meat there this time, mainly because it’s a bit more expensive than where we usually shop. They do have some pork sausages that sounded super tempting, but we didn’t get me because they had rice flour.



The mission was to get Pepe Saya butter and that’s what we got, although a lot more expensive than the price at the factory ($10 vs $7.50). Worth every cent.

Meats & dairy

Meats & dairy

They also sell a few pantry items: condiments, sauces, stock, etc. Oh yes, and they have an online shop, too.

Pantry items

Pantry items

Urban Food Market
Unit 1, 168 Victoria Rd
Marrickville NSW 2204
(02) 8999 6106

7 thoughts on “Urban Food Market

  1. That Miss Piggy must be one hell of a good blogger! Great post Gaby…and isn’t Pepe Saya butter to die for. I have a big wheel in my fridge as we speak. And I love Urban Food Market – I love everything that they stand for…I just wish they were closer to my house. Make sure you go to Pepe Saya in Tempe when they re-open. It’s fantastic.

  2. i love seeing the posts on the same places, there always interesting different perspectives. i must visit, love that they are sourcing such meat products, and try this butter i’ve heard so much about :)

  3. Agreed, I hate knowing someone else has blogged what I blogged or vice versa, but I do like reading different perspectives. I have yet to visit urban food market, but I do try to make intelligent choices when I shop.

  4. Ha ha ! Awesome.i am growing my own cow, who I hope to start milking in the spring, JUST so that i can make my own butter and cheese and drink the unboiled goodness of raw milk! great page.. c

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