Review: Splash Seafood (Newtown)

My housemate Bonnie is not like me. If she eats somewhere and she likes it she’d be keen on returning ASAP and often order the same dish. She had dinner at Splash Seafood a while ago with a friend and loved the coriander barramundi she ordered so much she had to have it again.

So we went for dinner and even when she was pretty sure about what to have we ended up ordering something different for sharing purposes. As we both love prawns and scallops, the entrées were easy to pick: garlic prawns served in a cast iron pot in sizzling olive oil, garlic & parsley, and Tasmanian scallops, grilled and served on a bed of mixed leaves with lemon & aioli.

As main we ordered the Macadamia cod, grilled with crushed macadamia nuts and topped with lemon and butter sauce. We asked if the sauce had any kind of flour in it, the super attentive waitress asked the cooks and they said no. Fantastic. The fish comes served with mash potato or rice and salad, we asked if we could have steamed veggies and salad (no dressing, please) instead. Not a problem. Great.

The prawns and the scallops arrived at the same time. Sadly, the scallops were crumbed (it didn’t cross our minds because they were grilled and we did ask about flour in the main dish), but fortunately the waitress (a different one) apologised and offered to bring uncrumbed scallops for us. The new dish came shortly, the scallops were a tad overcooked, but at least didn’t have any flour on them. We couldn’t taste the garlic in the aioli, it was more like very lemony mayonnaise.

Tasmanian scallops

Tasmanian scallops ($15.90)

The garlic prawns were great, the oil was super hot even when it took us a few minutes to dig in, and had a nice garlic-parsley flavour, although it was low in salt. The serving size is 5 prawns, which is perhaps a bit pricey and definitely difficult to share between two (try cutting a prawn in half inside a pot of hot oil).

Garlic prawns

Garlic prawns ($18.50)

We were not impressed by the main. After Bonnie’s description of the dish she fell in love with, my expectations were high. The fish was ok but overcooked and thus dryish. Not a lot of macadamia (felt like there was only one in the whole dish) or butter but the veggies (which included sautéed zucchinis, yay!) and salad were great.

Macadamia cod

Macadamia cod ($29.90)

Splash Seafood
226 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9550 1229

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