Review: Paju BBQ (Newtown) – Closed

On our way back from lunch at Rowda Ya Habibi I spotted a new (to me) Korean BBQ restaurant on King Street. What’s not to love about grilled meats and an unlimited supply of delicious side dishes?

Alvaro and I went there for dinner that day. The place, located on a first floor, looks a bit too fancy for this kind of restaurant and for the sign downstairs. I couldn’t remember what was there before until I Googled the address. Top Level pizza was its previous tenant; now it all makes sense.

We were served by a young man and an older couple (I guess the owners), all super attentive. We ordered a plate of Wagyu beef intercostal and pork belly. Shortly after, a portable grill arrived to the table.

The side dishes (aka banchan) in this restaurant are excellent. We were provided cabbage kimchi, daikon kimchi, mung bean jelly with sesame seeds, boiled egg in soy sauce, a Western-style leaves salad, dipping sauces, lettuce and whole chillies. The kimchis were a bit too spicy for Alvaro, which allowed me to have more.

Egg in soy sauce, cabbage kimchi, mung bean jelly, daikon kimchi

Side dishes

Salad & sauces

Salad & sauces

Lettuce & chillies

Lettuce & chillies

The owner came to the table to grill our meats. We must look like complete rookies… well, at least we can use chopsticks. Both meats were fantastic, super tender and flavourful. Some people would miss the charred flavour achieved by using an open grill; I didn’t mind not having the BBQ smell in my hair and clothes for the rest of the day.

Wagyu intercostal

Wagyu intercostal

Wagyu beef intercostal ($16.00)

Pork belly

Pork belly

Pork belly ($13.00)

We got a refill for our side dishes. I asked the older man if they sold kimchi and he told me that no, but they could give me some for free. “My wife makes it”, he told me with a smile. The young man promptly brought me some cabbage kimchi in a takeaway container. Talk about excellent customer service!

We were full and ready to go when a complimentary quartered orange arrived to round off the meal with a sweet, fresh and healthy touch.

Complimentary orange

Complimentary orange

In a street where restaurants come and go all the time I really hope this one stays a long, long time.

Paju BBQ
Level 1, 196 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9517 2772

8 thoughts on “Review: Paju BBQ (Newtown) – Closed

  1. Hey, your photos are AMAZING! I really enjoy the Korean BBQs you guys have in Sydney, you guys are so lucky to have such a wide variety to choose from! Anyway, that wagyu looks nothing short of perfect and really, really reasonably priced too. $16 for Wagyu? LOVE IT! =)

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