Review: Blue Fish Cafe (Darling Harbour) (2), The Criterion Hotel (Sydney CBD)

As you may recall, I purchased not only one but two Spreets vouchers for Blue Fish. In our first visit, my sister and I enjoyed a plentiful supply of prawns but were not impressed by the salads (plus the darkness didn’t help my poor shooting skills). This time we were joined by Alvaro, had better luck with the salads and with summer’s natural light.

Once again we received two buckets of prawns each served with prawn cocktail sauce and a wedge of lemon, plus a bottle of plain decent wine. As we were previously disappointed by the vegetable sides, this time I suggested getting the pricier salads on page one.

But let’s start with the prawns. The two buckets were enough for the three of us; granted there was ice in the bottom of the buckets but still the servings were generous.

Bucket of prawns

Bucket of prawns

The salads we ordered this time were way better. The BBQ calamari salad had four tender portions of calamari tossed in Nam Jim dressing, plus rocket, cucumber, bean sprouts and mint. Nice flavour combo, although a bit pricey.

BBQ calamari salad

BBQ calamari salad ($28.50)

This was not the best Greek salad I’ve ever had, but good enough. Aside from the cucumber, olives, feta, red onion, tomato & baby cos lettuce, it had a French-style dressing (mustard, white vinegar and oil) which was a bit unexpected and a tad too much. But the salad was good.

Greek salad ($14.50)

Greek salad

When we finished the wine we decided to go for another drink somewhere close to Town Hall station. We considered the Edinburgh Castle but it was extremely noisy (karaoke night), so headed to The Criterion Hotel, a typical Irish pub.

Even when dinner had our stomachs satisfied both my sister and I have the psychological need to munch on something while drinking. A while back we would have chosen wedges or nachos but these days we prefer sharing a nice and healthy meal. Our choice was the Silver Dory Fillet served with red cabbage, fennel, mustard seed salad & olive tapenade. It wasn’t a huge serving but enough to fill in the gaps, the flavours were good and went perfectly with my tequila, soda water & lime.

Silver Dory Fillet

Silver Dory Fillet ($22.00)

Blue Fish Cafe
287/10 Darling Drive
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9211 0315

The Criterion Hotel
260 Pitt St Cnr Park Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9264 3093

8 thoughts on “Review: Blue Fish Cafe (Darling Harbour) (2), The Criterion Hotel (Sydney CBD)

  1. I love the idea of the bucket of prawns! Especially now the summer is here!
    I find this place does resonable seafood (but as we are lucky with so many choices in the area) I prefer other places.
    Im the glad the ‘pricier’ salads were nicer this time round :)

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