Bistec a lo pobre (poor-style beef steak)

This is not a recipe, but a graphic explanation of what a lo pobre means. You can find that term pretty much everywhere in Perú (the coast, the mountains or the jungle); it literally means “poor-style” and translates on the plate as a side of fried plantains (or bananas) + fried egg + potato chips (and rice, of course!)

Bistec is Spanish for “beef steak” (shocker, I know) and is one of the meals that usually gets served a lo pobre. Other options are lomo (sirloin), milanesa de pollo (chicken schnitzel), etc. For the ultimate “poor” version skip the meat! I’m only half-joking here, a popular meal in Peruvian homes is arroz a la cubana: rice, fried plantain/banana and fried egg.

Last week we scored great grass-fed porterhouse steaks at Establishment 218 for $9.99 a kilo. When we stopped at Fiji Market to get some ghee I couldn’t resist and bought two plantains. Lunch was bistec a lo pobre sans fries, with a rainbow chard, tomato & grilled green onions salad. Very tasty.

Bistec a lo pobre

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