Review: Thai Riffic (Newtown) (2)

I’m not a fan of buying meal vouchers just for the sake of saving money and without even knowing the restaurant that offers it. Luckily, known names pop up once in a while and my sister grabbed a voucher for Thai Riffic Newtown, the restaurant we went to on her birthday and that she really liked.

The offer included two drinks, and entrée tasting plate to share, two mains and steamed rice for $39. Pretty good value IMO.

Gladys chose a Thai Riffic Martini (lychee, apple juice and vodka) and I a glass of Grant Burge Chardonnay. The other options were a glass of Shiraz or a Lucky beer. I was happy with my choice; Gladys would have liked her drink a bit sweeter.

The entrée tasting plate to share had two Miang Kum Koong (betel leaf topped with prawn, Thai herbs and chef’s special sauce), two money bags (filled with crab meat, minced chicken, sweet corn, peas, and peanuts wrapped with pastry), and two duck spring rolls (Peking duck, shitake mushroom, water chestnut, served with plum sauce). My absolute favourite was the prawn, followed by the strips of carrot and lettuce leaves on the plate. Seriously. Now that I don’t eat grains and therefore eat only the fillings from morsels like money bags and spring rolls I realise that much of the fuss is in the pastry.

Prawn betel, money bag, duck roll

Prawn betel, money bag, duck roll

Our main course choices were Thai style chicken salad (char grilled marinated chicken with sliced cucumber, mint, red onion, coriander and carrots, drizzled with chilli and lime dressing) and the ever popular Massamun lamb shank (eight hour braised NSW Riverina Region lamb shank in our massamun sauce and baby potato). The other option was a prawn garlic and pepper stir fry.

My salad was good, but very fatty. They had used dark meat and generous amounts of oil, I generally prefer chicken breasts even for BBQing. The chicken did have a char-grilled flavour to it and the salad was nicely seasoned.

Thai Style Chicken Salad

Thai Style Chicken Salad

I had a couple of bites of the lamb shank, it was as good (and big) as I remembered from our last visit. Looking at all the sauce in the plate I wished I had a bowl of steamed cauliflower to dip in. Mmmm…

Massamun lamb shank

Massamun lamb shank

Thai Riffic
109 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9515 3066

5 thoughts on “Review: Thai Riffic (Newtown) (2)

  1. Those entrees look surprisingly good (I’m surprised because if the bad Thai I’ve had around newtown and enmore), and Mazda an curry is a favourite of mine. I agree, I only get the deal if it’s for a place I’ve been wanting to try.

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