Review: 3 Olives (Newtown)

After one failed attempt to dine at 3 Olives, the small Greek restaurant on South King Street that always seems to be packed, we finally got to give it a shot for Bonnie’s birthday.

One thing that most of us found annoying is that the restaurant does not have a website and nobody had luck with finding the menu online. These days most people like to decide what to order before going to the restaurant, especially if they’re bringing wine, and despite the fact that they may change their mind at the last minute.

That aside, our experience was very good. Service was attentive, although sometimes it seemed the waiter seemed overloaded with work. The menu is varied enough to keep you pondering several options, as we did. The restaurant is happy to customize your order, which is a big bonus in my book.

Bonnie and I shared the arni kleftiko, slow oven roasted lamb with baked potatoes & vegetables, and the barramundi fillet, grilled with an olive oil, vinegar & rosemary dressing and served with chips & salad. We asked for the potatoes in the lamb dish to be swapped for salad and the chips in the fish dish to be swapped for vegetables. Not a problem at all. The lamb was great, very tasty and tender, although a bit dry in some parts. The barramundi fillet was on the small side and too salty. It wasn’t bad but not that good either. The vegetables (grilled onions, zucchini, capsicum) and Greek salad (lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomato, olives, feta) were good and plentiful. We forgot to ask what was in the salad and vegetable side, I ended up skipping the cheese and Bonnie the tomatoes and capsicum.

Arni Kleftiko

Arni kleftiko ($24.50)

Barramundi fillet

Barramundi fillet ($24.50)

Gladys and Vicky shared the arni kleftiko and saganaki prawns, tossed in salsa, fetta & garlic and served on a bed of rice, which I had considered ordering too. They loved the lamb and liked the prawns.

Saganaki prawns

Saganaki prawns ($24.50)

Neil wanted something light, so a salad was the way to go for him. He had the pantzaria salata, beetroot, spinach, fresh garlic & feta in an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing, which he said was good but very oily. Pretty normal for Greek cuisine, no?

Pantzaria salata

Pantzaria salata ($15.00)

Andrey had the lamb cutlets, grilled & drizzled with olive oil, lemon, oregano & served with chips and salad, which looked great.

Lamb cutlets

Lamb cutlets ($24.50)

Angela, Jane and Gary shared the chicken souvlakia, served with pita bread, tzatziki dip, chips & salad; the keftethes, meatballs with skordalia (garlic dip), chips & salad; and a plate of lamb cutlets. They also ordered the pantzaria salata but their order got mixed up and they got the anginares salata, pan-fried artichoke hearts served on broad beans with crumbed fetta, in a dill, lemon and olive oil glazed dressing, instead. They were cool with that. I had a bite of an artichoke, it was good but I was a bit disappointed that they used pickled artichokes instead of fresh ones. These guys had ordered a Euro plate with grilled haloumi, chorizo sausage & marinate olives ($16.00) as entrée to share with Bonnie but it never arrived. Fortunately they had plenty of food and the missing item wasn’t charged in the bill.

Chicken souvlakia

Chicken souvlakia ($18.50)


Keftethes ($18.50)

It took a while for the waiter to clear the table from dirty dishes so we had some time to digest and drink some more wine before the cake: a banana Paleo chocolate cake I baked using this recipe. I made 1.5x the cake recipe and 1x the icing recipe, the cake was enough for 10 people and we had leftover icing which Bonnie and I demolished upon arriving home with a glass of Frangelico (I know… mega cheat).

Banana Paleo chocolate cake

Banana Paleo chocolate cake

3 Olives
365 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9557 7754

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