Review: Ribs And Rumps (North Ryde)

My friend Rale wanted to celebrate his birthday with a BBQ in Lane Cove Park. Unfortunately the weather didn’t agree and we had to go with Plan B: Ribs And Rumps.

Alvaro and I drove to North Ryde watching the scenery change, amazed at how a few kilometers can make such a difference. In the middle of big suburban houses, an office building complex houses this instance of RnR, a grill chain with restaurants in NSW, QLD, Dubai and South Africa.

We were assigned a private dining room with a rustic warm vibe thanks to a wall-sized shelf with stacked logs. After a round of drinks we were ready to order. Alvaro and I shared the mixed grill combo, with beef and lamb ribs, top sirloin steak, lamb chops and beef sausage, topped with a fried egg. The sides of choice in the menu were potato chips or boiled potatoes with sour cream, but fortunately the waiter mentioned two more options: mashed potatoes or steamed vegetables. Guess what I chose… :)

Mixed grill combo

Mixed grill combo ($49.95)

The first thing we tried was a big disappointment. The sausage tasted a lot like cloves, it almost felt like going to the dentist. I ordered the steak medium rare but it arrived medium. If you know a restaurant where you get your steaks delivered at the temperature you requested, please let me know. The meat was good, though.



The ribs were the highlight of the combo: moist and flavourful.



The lamb chops were a bit dry for my taste, unlike the ones I had at lunch at the World Chef Showcase. With that much food the fried egg on top could have been omitted, although I did like its runny yolk as seasoning for my vegetables. The Greek salad we had as a side could have been omitted, too.

Greek salad

Greek salad ($10.50)

We ended up absolutely stuffed, wondering who would have the guts to order the challenge: 1 kg man-o-war rump + a full rack of ribs + fries for $84.95. The prize? Your photo in the hall of fame, a 10% discount card and a steak knife. And a big indigestion, of course.

Ribs And Rumps
11 Talavera Road
North Ryde NSW 2113
(02) 9805 1199

9 thoughts on “Review: Ribs And Rumps (North Ryde)

  1. Oh no, Greek salad! That’s the last thing I want to see after two weeks in Greece. LOL
    I ate here two years ago, and it was pretty decent. The fact it’s still there means it must be doing all right, which is good as there aren’t too many good eateries in the surrounding area.

  2. Been to Ribs and Rumps in Campbelltown, thought it was a strip club when I first heard the name! :P Had the best steak where they cook it to your preferred temp (for real) at The Cut last year, but it’s pricey, lol.

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