Review: Amazon Steakhouse (Newtown)

On a rainy Saturday evening four hungry girls headed to South King Street in search for Greek food. Unfortunately 3 Olives was packed and fully booked for the night. A quick look at the menus of the closest restaurants made us opt for Amazon Steakhouse and its promising BBQ ribs.

I’ve always thought this restaurant looks like a big joke. Now I know it. It is a big joke, so people: don’t come here. Ever.

Ok, let’s elaborate. First of all, the obvious. The decor is fake. Apparently the owners went to a variety store with a 20 dollar note and got whatever they thought would look like being in the Amazon. There are these bamboo fences all over the walls, plus fake palm trees, fake torches, blue Christmas lights (hence the hue in the photos) and a fake waterfall with fake steam on the way to the toilets.

Once you stop laughing at the decor it’s time to order. The prices are not particularly cheap but the combo options seemed like good value. Bonnie ordered the ribs & rump combo (char-grilled 300g grain fed aged rump and smokey half rack pork ribs); Vicky, Paola and I shared the chicken & ribs combo (char-grilled chicken fillets and smokey half rack pork ribs) and the seafood platter (zesty salt’n pepper squid, juicy tiger prawns, tender baby octopus and grilled fish). All of them include one side and sauce, Bonnie ordered steamed vegetables and no sauce for the steak; we had steamed vegetables for the seafood platter (which comes with tartar sauce) and garden salad and mushroom sauce for the chicken. Ribs, as described in the menu, come with BBQ sauce.

We also ordered a $21 bottle of Angove Merlot that made us company while waiting. Thankfully. Apparently the restaurant’s crew has only 3 members: a waiter, a waitress and a cook. You know how some restaurants advertise themselves as having a “relaxed atmosphere”? Well, these guys have taken it very seriously, they are way too de-stressed. They are friendly and all but they don’t seem to care too much about people waiting for service. For example, when we did manage to get hold of them to ask for more water or get our piled dirty plates out of the table, we got a friendly assurance that they would do it in a moment but it didn’t quite happen.

Our food took a while to arrive and I know why: they were busy overcooking most of the stuff. Fortunately it wasn’t the case of the seafood. It was a very decent platter (although I’d have preferred non-crumbed squid, but drinks had turned this a cheat night anyway). The only issue was the overcooked veggies but I’ll take overcooked veggies over overcooked seafood any day.

Seafood Platter

Seafood Platter ($38.95)

Bonnie tucked in her rump steak which was supposed to be cooked medium. From my experience most restaurants would be better off not asking customers what temperature they want for their steaks. Why not avoid deception by saying something like “our cooks have no clue on how to achieve your desired level of doneness but we guarantee it’ll be cooked”? The steak was well done, dry and a bit tough. Same with the ribs, although the BBQ sauce was tasty. Bonnie ordered a serving of Cabernet sauce to moisten up the rump.

Ribs & Rump Combo

Ribs & Rump Combo ($38.95)

Our chicken & ribs combo had similar characteristics. The ribs were the same, a bit dry but with a tasty (and I’m sure full of sugar) sauce, and the chicken was in the verge of burning, completely dry and tough. You’d expect a more respectful treatment for meats at a steakhouse.

Chicken & Ribs Combo

Chicken & Ribs Combo ($38.95)

Vicky was in the mood for dessert. We had been talking about sticky date pudding, so the craving was on. Amazon offers a rich sticky date pudding, freshly baked and smothered with hot butterscotch sauce and served with vanilla ice cream. I can’t tell you if it was fresh or not, but Vicky enjoyed it. Bonnie and I had liquid dessert: two shots of Frangelico on ice each.

Rich Sticky Date Pudding

Rich Sticky Date Pudding ($12.90)

Amazon Steakhouse
357 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9557 1111

6 thoughts on “Review: Amazon Steakhouse (Newtown)

  1. Under new management they are performing quite well. Quality has been significantly improved. Will visit again.

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