Review: Rubyos (Newtown)

Don’t you love when someone suggests going to a restaurant you’ve been wanting to go for ages? Me too! Rubyos was plan B for my birthday last year but plan A went well, so I didn’t get to try this restaurant until last week, to celebrate Vicky’s birthday.

Rubyos is on a quiet end of King Street (the beginning of the road, actually). It’s fancy looking, with white tablecloths, wine glasses and dim lighting, great venue to hold a birthday dinner with close friends.


When everybody was seated one of the waitress explained how things work: they have hot and cold “grazing” menus, with appetizer-style plates that are meant to be shared by diners. They also offer two banquet options: $41.50 for 7 courses or $48.00 for 9 courses. Five in our group decided to order the second one, my healthy-eating buddy Bonnie and I shared a bunch of grazing plates, and Neil went solo.

The birthday girl had a cocktail and the rest of us shared a few bottles of wine we brought (corkage fee of $5 per person), plus two free glasses of house shiraz courtesy of the Newtown urban walkabout guide.

Our meal started with a plate of mixed olives: kalamata, Ligurian and green olives infused in warm Tuscan oil with Mediterranean herbs and a couple of garlic cloves. The temperature of the oil made all the elements, which I’m sure were good quality, taste exponentially better.

Mixed olives

Mixed olives ($7.00)

The next dish to arrive was the salad of caramelised pear tossed with mixed leaves, crispy prosciutto, baked ricotta, and elderflower and poppyseed vinaigrette ($14.50). A perfect harmony of freshness, sweetness and saltiness, with the exact amount of dressing, but unfortunately extremely blurry in its digital version due to my poor camera skills, so no pic this time. Believe me, it was great.

Next came the seared deep sea scallops on a wasabi edamame crush, with baby shiso salad and soy lime dressing. In a word, “wow”. The sweet clean flavour of the scallops was perfectly complimented by the wasabi edamame puree (which wasn’t too wasabi-y at all), and the soy lime dressing. I did my best to savour my share of the dish slowly but they were just too good.

Seared deep sea scallops

Seared deep sea scallops ($20.50)

Themeatballs of wagyu beef mixed with Tuscan herbs and smothered in tomato concasse and melted cheddar sounded too good to miss, even when we’re not best friends with tomatoes and dairy. Now there was no doubt this was real wagyu, fatty and tender and full-of-flavour beef.

Meatballs of wagyu beef

Meatballs of wagyu beef ($22.00)

Our last veggie side were the spicy green beans topped with tamari roasted almonds and a rice wine, chilli and sesame dressing. The beans were good, the beans perfectly cooked and flavourful but I didn’t find them spicy at all. Not bad dish but my least favourite of the night.

Spicy green beans

Spicy green beans ($11.50)

We sang happy birthday with a cake that Andrey very kindly brought. There was a cakeage fee of $4 per person for those who ate a slice (I didn’t, by the way).

18-20 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9557 2669

8 thoughts on “Review: Rubyos (Newtown)

  1. I always love it when someone suggests a place you want to go to, ends up being an instant yes. The grazing plates look fantastic, love scallops. Actually I prefer to have more smaller dishes than a big main, love the variety.

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