Review: Kai on King (Newtown)

If you’ve read my last few posts you can tell I’ve been in a Japanese mood lately. It’s all been a coincidence, a happy coincidence I must say. Especially because all the feeds have been at different and new-for-me restaurants.

We don’t see Irina often and it was a nice surprise that she came to meditate at the centre on Sunday, and then suggested we had lunch at Kai on King. Having had Japanese food for dinner the day before was not an issue at all for me.

The sushi bar is small and looked pricey from the outside. Once inside, the mandatory price guide proved me wrong: it’s actually a bit cheaper than Sushi Train.





Hungry as we were, we started wolfing down food. My first plate was a very simple maki with tuna on top. Good.


Tuna maki

My second plate was the spicy tuna maki. I didn’t find it that spicy, but the flavour was nice thanks to the creamy chilli mayo on top.

Spicy tuna

Spicy tuna maki

At this point Andrey and I made a remark that variety was better than in Sushi Train. So far, anyway. My next plate was wagyu beef. Judging on the price and flavour I’m sure it wasn’t pure wagyu. It was a bit tough and dry.

Wagyu beef

Wagyu beef nigiri

Bonnie and I wanted seaweed salad but there was none on sight. And we started to notice that in fact there wasn’t a great variety of dishes available. My next plate was a salmon and avocado maki, on the average side.

Salmon and avocado

Salmon and avocado maki

We also noticed that chicken sushi in its different presentations was left untouched. With no many options and a still hungry stomach, I grabbed a plate of prawn, avocado and roe maki. The flavour was very average and the prawn’s crumb was soggy. It had definitely been sitting there for a while. Not a great choice.

Prawn, avocado and roe

Prawn, avocado and roe maki

Even after eating a good number of plate and big amounts of gari I was still hungry… I guess that’s normal after a double workout and a meditation session. My second to last plate had a sign that said only “spicy”. The mystery spicy maki had salmon and avocado inside, and the same not-too-spicy mayo on top.

Spicy salmon

Spicy salmon maki

In desperate need for seaweed salad, Bonnie ordered the closest thing she could find in the a la carte menu: a spinach and sesame paste salad. As we waited for it, Andrey and I shared a plate of mini avocado makis. Just as Bonnie ate her salad, which she found refreshing but didn’t have much flavour, a plate of seaweed salad appeared on the carousel. Oh, well…

Kai on King
129 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9519 0646

8 thoughts on “Review: Kai on King (Newtown)

  1. I thought this place was “OK”…it’s within walking distance from work which is GREAT! I hate seeing something I’ve been craving added to the train after I’ve eaten (more than) my fill.

  2. I remember walking past this place a couple of times ;) I wanted to try it but everytime I walked past, it was closed :( I’ve never seen wagyu beef nigiri before…..shame it wasn’t that great!

  3. I am terrible when I go to sushi “train” style places, actually I drive Josh nuts. i sit there and watch it go around at least twice before I start to pick and choose. Shame the wagyu nigiri wasn’t the best it could of been.

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