Review: Steki Taverna (Newtown)

Another voucher score. Bonnie got vouchers for Steki Taverna, a hidden Greek restaurant in Newtown. Only $49 for entrées, mains, salad and wine for 2 people. Bargain! Of course it wouldn’t have been good value if the food sucked. But it didn’t. It wasn’t the best Greek food ever, but good enough.

With all the blinds and front door shut I thought for a minute that the restaurant was closed. Inside, wooden tables and chairs squeezed together in the small, extremely dark dining room, welcomed to the taverna experience. Once the live music started, the experience was complete: we were in Greece.

Service was efficient and friendly. We were granted a few minutes to decide between the mouth-watering dishes. A 1/2 litre carafe of house red wine arrived in camping-style jugs. Not very fancy but anything about the place is, anyway. We didn’t expect the wine to be great, and it wasn’t. A bit too dry for some, a bit too flat for me. But drinkable.

Free bread rolls were also included in the meal. I didn’t eat mine, but I guess it’s a really good sauce-soaking vehicle for bread eaters.

Gladys and I shared our dishes. For entrées we had the bekri mezze, pork pieces pan-fried in olive oil, with lemon juice, salt & pepper and a dash of hot chilli, and BBQ octopus, barbequed then drizzled with vinegar, garlic & oil dressing. Both were great, the meats not super tender but very, very tasty. The chilli kick in the pork was enough to be noticeable but not overpowering.

Bekri mezze

Bekri mezze (normally $13.90)

BBQ octopus

BBQ octopus (normally $15.90)

Vicky also ordered the BBQ octopus to start, and Bonnie had the BBQ prawns, barbequed king size prawns marinated in garlic, lemon & olive oil. The prawns were big and equally sized (which seems to be a normal thing to expect but sometimes isn’t) and the bit I tasted was good and well cooked.

BBQ prawns

BBQ prawns (normally $16.90)

For main, Gladys and I had the baked/BBQ lamb, slow baked lamb with onion, garlic & bay leaves, then lightly barbequed & basted with lemon & olive oil, and the veal kefalograviera, veal fillets cooked in at tomato based sauce with eggplant & topped with kefalograviera cheese. The lamb was a tad too salty but very flavourful and tender. The tzatziki sauce on the side was awesome, thick, creamy and tangy, the perfect match for the lamb. The veal was not that good. The flavours were right but the meat was very tough.

Baked/BBQ lamb

Baked/BBQ lamb (normally $25.90)

Veal kefalograviera

Veal kefalograviera (normally $24.90)

Vicky and Bonnie shared their mains: the baked/BBQ lamb and the stuffed chicken fillet, a baked breast fillet stuffed with leek, carrot & fetta. From the piece I got to try, it was as good as it looked.

Stuffed chicken fillet

Stuffed chicken fillet (normally $23.50)

We were so busy eating (and I taking photos, which by the way are terrible because of the lack of light, sorry!) that we forgot about the salad. I reminded the waitress and she brought it when we were halfway through the mains. It didn’t matter, the salads were great, very nicely dressed and had a big slab of feta on top. I particularly enjoyed the onions, which were very mild in spite of being raw.

Greek salad

Greek salad (normally $7.90 for the small, $10.90 for the large)

The carafes were empty and we felt like having another drink. The wine list features several Greek reds and wines but by the bottle only. We had to settle with glasses of local Merlot for me and Bonnie and a Heineken for Gladys.

Steki Taverna
2 O’Connel Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9516 2191

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