Review: Moo Gourmet Burgers (Newtown) (2)

Dining room service techniques. That was the name of one of the most useful courses I had at cooking school. Some hated it because the teacher made us think; I loved it and took home a very valuable message: a restaurant does not sell food and drinks, it sells sensations. Have you ever had good food ruined by rude customer service? Yeah, me too. On the other hand, a below-expectations meal can be uplifted by good customer service.

A while ago I had a burger I didn’t like at Moo, blogged about it and moved on. Then Jasmin gave the place an stellar review and I commented about my experience. Turned out that I got contacted by Adam from Moo, who kindly offered a voucher for me to give their burgers another shot. He said “what you described is not the standard I expect my customers to get”, which for me is a great example of a businessman who cares about the kind of sensations his customers are taking home after visiting his shop.

My sister and Bonnie joined me for the trial. For the test to be valid, I had to eat the same thing: a Black & White burger (100% Certified Australian Angus beef, mixed leaf lettuce, tomato, egg, mozzarella cheese, home-made mayonnaise & tomato relish), this time with no chips because I knew the burger was a good-sized meal by itself. I ordered my burger on gluten-free bread, but more about that later.

My dining companions were not tied to choice limitations, so went after whatever they fancied. Gladys chose the Greek lamb burger (100% Saltbush lamb patty with oregano, garlic & rosemary, spinach, tomato & tzatziki) with chunky home-style chips on the side. Bonnie ordered the chicken, avocado & bacon burger (chicken breast, Beechwood smoked bacon, mixed leaf lettuce, home-made mayonnaise & avocado puree) on gluten-free bread. A glass of red wine for Bonnie and me, and a Pure Blonde for Gladys were better beverage choices than last time’s milkshakes.

Gladys’ burger was tasty, even when it was not as big as mine. Because I tried a piece from the edge I didn’t get to the tzatziki but I can imagine it was good.

Greek lamb burger

Greek lamb burger + chunky home-style chips on the side ($15.50 + $3.50)

I tried a bit of chicken and bacon from Bonnie’s burger, they were good and the amount in the bun seemed generous. Bonnie didn’t like the gluten-free bread and I was glad my order was delivered with the wrong bun (multigrain, by the looks of it) because it looked heaps better.

Chicken, avocado & bacon burger

Chicken avocado & bacon burger ($16.50)

My Black & White was very different from the one I had before. The perfectly fried egg was the only thing in common, but the other elements were heaps better this time. The patty was nicely flavoured and still warm from the grill. It sat on fresh salad greens and had an oozing slab of mozzarella on top. Okay, perhaps the cheese was a bit burnt but it was melted, which is what matters the most.

Black & White burger

Black & White burger ($14.50)

Our second visit to Moo gave me a much better impression of the place. Yes, I did have a bad meal before and some details may need a bit more attention (the bun, which I’m sure would have been replaced if I asked them to), but at least they’re trying to be consistently good.

Moo Gourmet Burgers
232 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(also in Bondi and Coogee)
(02) 9565 4001

5 thoughts on “Review: Moo Gourmet Burgers (Newtown) (2)

  1. Nice post! I love that you were 100% honest about your first experience and that your follow up visit proved to be a better experience. I have visited Moo once before and really enjoyed it. I’ll have to go back. Thanks for putting it back on my radar :)

  2. This is so true – I was just complaining about mediocre service at a French Bistro where food was really good, lack of attention from the waitstaff would have me think twice about returning… I think getting a reply from Moo was a great example of caring about customer experience.

    I really should get out to and around Newtown more…

  3. ooo ive always walked past here… i guess its a case of hit and miss…

    its hard for resturants to be consititent these days with bills going up and cutting quality :(

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