Review: Yanagi Japanese Cuisine (Sydney CBD)

Before moving out it was quite rare for me to eat lunch out because I cooked almost every day (and if I didn’t I usually had frozen leftovers) but now things are different. The food issue in the house has been solved. Kind of. Each one of us has a cooking night: I do read meat, Bonnie does chicken, Alvaro does fish and Neil does vegetarian. So I end up with leftovers for lunch four times a week and a day of eating out.

Friday caught me leftoverless and hungry. I read a Japanese restaurant review in Miss Piggy’s blog with mouth-watering photos. It didn’t matter to me it was freezing and raining, I had to walk a few hundred metres to the nearest yet-untried Japanese restaurant. That would be Yanagi.

I already knew what I was having because I had the menu at the office. I was cold and wet (note to self: avoid wearing canvas Converses on a rainy day) but I knew that my body needed sashimi. I ordered the smallest combo available (7 pieces), plus a seaweed salad and green tea.

The sashimi slices were all the same thickness, which according to my Japanese Cuisine teacher is wrong. Lean cuts should be thinner, fatty cuts thicker. Anyways, the dish included three cuts of salmon, two of tuna and two of bonito (I think), plus gari (pickled ginger), a couple other pickled veggies, and wasabi. I couldn’t wait until the salad arrived and started munching away. The fish was alright, nothing special but I guess you can’t expect premium quality for 12 bucks.

Sashimi combo (7 pcs)

Sashimi combo 7 pcs ($12.00)

Then the salad arrived. As opposed to classic salads (think Caprese, Greek, Nicoise, or even Garden) that are pretty much consistent everywhere, I’ve found every Japanese restaurant has their own interpretation of what a seaweed salad should include. This one had mixed leaves, chilled wakame (would have been nice if they brought it to room temp before serving) and sesame seeds. All good, apparently. Unfortunately, the salad had been drowned in salty dressing. Instead of using the salad as a palate cleanser of sorts I had to use the fish to cut through the dressing overload. Not cool.

Seaweed salad

Seaweed salad ($11.00)

I also had to rely in my unsweetened green tea to wash the dressing off. Overpriced tea, by the way: $3.00 for a teabag of regular (non-organic or anything fancy) green tea in a cup.

The quest for good, fairly priced Japanese food around my office continues. Thankfully there are heaps more leftoverless weekdays to come.

Yanagi Japanese Cuisine
Ground North 76-80 Clarence Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 92993232

3 thoughts on “Review: Yanagi Japanese Cuisine (Sydney CBD)

  1. What a shame! All that effort to get there in the rain, and it turned out to be mediocre! Glad you solved the issue with food in your house, though.

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