Review: Halong Bay (Newtown) – Closed

Last Sunday, after our first sleep in the new house, we went back to the old apartment to clean it up before handing out the keys. I thought it’d be an easy job given the dimensions of the unit but apparently I underestimated the task. Perhaps it wasn’t as easy as I expected because we were exhausted from all the packing and moving plus the German feast we had the night before at the Buddhist centre. Oh, well.

Once again my dear sister came to give us a hand. Starving time arrived and we were faced with a brief dilemma: should we have Vietnamese or Turkish for lunch? Alvaro decided he wanted Vietnamese (he’ll always opt for Asian if you give him the choice) so we stepped into Halong Bay, which looks as cheap and dodgy as all other low priced Asian eateries around. The place was deserted, there was only one man (owner? manager? waiter?) standing with a strange look in his face. We sat down and the guy didn’t move or said anything. I asked for a menu and was handed one (yeah, just one). To complete the weirdness there was no music at all, and we felt like we were trenspassing into someone’s property.

Thankfully a lady came from the street a few seconds after, greeted us and offered us the specials menus. An interesting (for lack of a better word) selection of music also started sounding, but we were not quite sure if it came from the restaurant or outside. Lunch specials are $8.50 each. We chose 4 to share: summer rolls, chicken lemongrass & chilli, Mongolian lamb and Halong chicken salad.

I was so hungry I didn’t noticed you could choose between prawn or vegetarian summer rolls. I just ordered “summer rolls” and got vegetarian, of course. They rolls were plump and good, the sauce was extremely tasty. There was a bit of fresh salad on the side which I didn’t mind to munch on.

Vegetarian summer rolls

Vegetarian summer rolls ($8.50)

The chicken lemongrass & chilli had a great taste. It was a little bit too hot for Alvaro, sadly not enough to make him donate his share. Capsicum is usually banned from my diet but I couldn’t resist eating it in this dish, the flavour was just spot on.

Chicken lemongrass & chilli

Chicken lemongrass & chilli ($8.50)p>

The Mongolian lamb was equally great. Excellent flavour, good amount of meat and veggies, it had it all.

Mongolian lamb

Mongolian lamb ($8.50)

The only disappointment came with the Halong chicken salad. The salad was great, with loads of shredded cabbage, julienned carrots, bean sprouts and Thai basil tossed with a fresh dressing and topped with crunchy peanuts. It’s just that we didn’t receive the prawn crackers that were pictured in the laminated menu.

Halong chicken salad

Halong chicken salad ($8.50)

Halong Bay
520 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9557 6315

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