Review: The Organic Pomegranate (Newtown) – Closed

Saturday was moving day. We woke up at 6:30, had breakfast and finished getting everything ready for the removalists to load in the truck. My sister came to give us a hand. She’s helped us heaps since the day we landed in Sydney (even before that!). After we finished unloading everything in the new house and unpacking some of the stuff it was lunch time.

We had to go back to the old apartment by car to bring some stuff we had left. That gave us the opportunity to try another one of the forsaken eateries in the area. I wanted to go to Kingfish Bistro but it was closed (even when the online menu says they have a Saturday lunch special… weird). We had a peek at The Organic Pomegranate menu, then walked a bit further but decided to go back to the cafe to keep things simple.

This place, formerly Bump N’ Grind cafe, is relatively new. I don’t know what’s the story behind but apparently it’s a completely different business, only that they’ve kept the furniture and appliances. They’ve changed the decor and painted it pink, my favourite colour (not!). As the name implies they try to focus the menu in whole foods and slightly healthier fare than a regular cafe.

Alvaro is a sucker for smoothies and juices. Before even thinking about food he had already decided he was having a tropical colada (mango, pineapple & coconut milk). Just to keep things balanced Gladys and I also ordered drinks: carrot, orange & ginger juice for her and chlorophyll thrill (lime, chlorophyll & pure water) for me, two healthy and refreshing drinks with no sugar added.

Carrot, orange & ginger juice, Chlorophyll thrill, Tropical colada

Carrot, orange & ginger juice ($6.00), Chlorophyll thrill ($7.00), Tropical colada ($7.00)

As we were very hungry it didn’t take us long to decide on our mains. I asked the waitress about the fish of the day, it was barramundi & salad for $16.50. Enough said. Gladys ordered it, too, and Alvaro ordered the penne chicken pesto.

Alvaro’s penne was good, creamy but underseasoned. Nothing that a bit of salt couldn’t fix. Apart from the chicken morsels there were some sliced mushrooms in the sauce.

Penne chicken pesto

Penne chicken pesto ($15.00)

The barramundi was excellent. It had a nice flavour (although it also needed an extra touch of salt) and a crispy crust. The salad was very simple (mixed leaves) but the dressing was lovely, not watery and with a very welcomed mustard kick.

Fish of the day - barramundi & salad

Fish of the day – barramundi & salad ($16.50)

Alvaro ordered a banana bread for dessert. It was a bit pricey but I had a bite and was much better than your average BB.

Banana bread

Banana bread ($5.50)

Gladys and I finished our meals with cappuccinos which were also very well prepared. Mine was skim and came with a different chocolate pattern on top, I guess to differentiate it from Gladys’ which was regular.

Skim cappuccino

Skim cappuccino ($3.50)

We ordered a takeaway meal for Bonnie. The waitress had told me to let her know when we were almost ready to go so that they could start preparing the takeaway meal. So we did and it arrived just in time. Our bill was delivered in a cute ceramic vase.

The bill


The Organic Pomegranate
534 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042

6 thoughts on “Review: The Organic Pomegranate (Newtown) – Closed

  1. Seasoning in restaurants is always an issue. But hearing underseasoned makes me quite happy. I often find, particularly in cafes that there i just too much salt in food.

    I don’t really like salt that much and use very small amounts when cooking. Like the giant peppermills often found about, I have a giant salt mill for guests in my home because they often complain about lack of seasoning.

    I think I might like it here…
    That fish does look spectacular.

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