Review: Ssam Korean BBQ (Newtown) – Closed

Moving houses is a traumatic process. Not only because of the work it involves but also because it takes you out of your comfort zone. No matter how wonderful your new neighborhood is, you won’t be performing your same routine in auto pilot ever again. I think what scared me most was going away from my old neighborhood without having tried all of the restaurants around. Now that I live 20 minutes away by foot I regret it.

Last Friday was our last night in the old apartment. We had packed almost everything and there were no more fresh vegetables or meat in the fridge. We went to Ssam Korean BBQ in search for a nourishing, tasty and warming dinner.

Service, as in most Asian places was super efficient. We sat at the metal table and the fire thingy was placed at the centre, with a grill rack on top. We ordered the beef bulgogi (marinated thin beef in soy sauce) and the sweet pork (marinated quality lean pork in soy sauce), plus lettuce and a serving of steamed rice. As I was in “almost dying/kinda celebrating” mode I ordered a Korean rice wine to give it a go.

All BBQ items come raw and marinated from the kitchen. Apart from metal chopsticks, diners receive thongs and scissors to grill and cut the meat to their liking.

Beef bulgogi

Beef bulgogi ($14.50)

Sweet pork

Sweet pork ($16.50)

Several side dishes (kimchi, chilli paste and various salads) are served as complimentary items and you’re entitled to ask for one free refill.

Both meats were tasty, I wouldn’t say I had a favourite. The side dishes were good, I’m not very familiar with Korean cuisine but I liked the flavours and freshness. The rice wine was a bit of a let down, it felt like cheap sake.

Side dishes

Side dishes

Side dishes

Side dishes

Side dishes

Side dishes

Chung Ha - rice wine

Chung Ha – rice wine ($12)

Alvaro felt like having dessert and ordered the red bean ice cream covered with rice cake. It turned out to be a fancy name for a packaged (I think) ice-cream filled mochi. It was alright but nothing special. Alvaro’s ice cream cravings didn’t fade away so he walked to Gelato Blue to get a thickshake. I was too cold to be bothered and headed back home to finish packing. Some dates and homemade macadamia butter satisfied my dessert cravings.

Red bean ice cream

Red bean ice cream ($4.50)

The only thing I didn’t like about Ssam was the BBQed meat smell that still lingers on my belongings.

Ssam Korean BBQ
508 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042

2 thoughts on “Review: Ssam Korean BBQ (Newtown) – Closed

  1. I went here last year on a family outing and really loved the food. You’re right though – we all smelt like smoke afterwards. I had to wash my hair when I got home!

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