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We’ll be moving tomorrow. We currently live in a tiny 1 bedroom unit and I thought packing was going to be quick and easy. It wasn’t. In part is because of the lack of space to put all the boxes and suitcases. In part is because have only allocated 1-2 hours per week day to the task since last Friday. On Wednesday the handle of one of my big suitcases broke. Of course it would, everything tends to go wrong when you’re under pressure.

Yesterday I had a change of schedule because I needed to do some work from home. So instead of meditation, breakfast, shower I had shower, work, breakfast. That slight change created chaos in my routine.

First I burned breakfast #1 (no-atmeal, that is “porridge” made with almond meal, soaked chia seeds and flaxmeal, eggs and cinnamon). Then Alvaro woke up so I started preparing breakfast #2 for both: sauteed frozen spinach and scrambled eggs. While trying to break down one of the frozen spinach chunks, it flew out of the pan, bounced on my work pants and fell on the floor. I was wearing black pants surprise, surprise) so I ignored the incident and moved on. We had breakfast, I brushed my teeth and when opening the cabinet, my comb and eye cream fell in the water where I had just spit. I had no time for swearing so just washed them and left to catch the train.

Once in the station I waited 3-5 minutes until the next train arrived. And just before boarding I realised I had left my wallet (with my weekly train ticket) in my gym bag at home. Plan B (coin purse to buy extra ticket) was in the gym bag, too. I walked all the way back home, got the forgotten items and walked back to the station.

Thankfully the day at work was pretty standard. At night I prepared what was supposed to be our last dinner at the old apartment to eat before finishing packing almost everything but it turned out to be dinner and work for one: me. Don’t ask.

I realise now that most times when I say “I’m stressed” I don’t really mean it. Now it’s serious. I know because it’s affecting my health, I’ve been sick for 6 days in a row, which it’s very rare. The funny thing is that what is stressing me the most is not the moving process itself but what comes next: the challenge of 4 people with completely different diets trying to share meals. In the past it sounded as easy as making a cooking roster but now that we’ve put our food preferences (driven mostly by health beliefs or considerations) in black & white it’s clear that there’s too little in common to make everyone happy. I don’t know what will happen in the next few days regarding the food issue but I’ll let you know if we come up with a clever solution.

11 thoughts on “Stressed

  1. Oh my gosh, I know how you feel! We’re moving too, and trying to renovate in time so that the settlement will be done before we go to the States. Good luck, and I hope you work something out with the food differences!

  2. oh poor thing. hope you have a speedy recovery ! packing is always hard but unpacking is even harder .. my suggestion is pack all things in box and name it with no. then put the summary on a note book of which no. has what. then move first and slowly unpack across few months time…

  3. damn – i went through something like this very recently- where i thought everything bad was happening to me (i lost my ipod, my left boxing glove, my dslr broke (cost alot to fix) and just little things like getting papercuts or tripping etc – it seemed neverending :(

    but it got better, i was worried the badluc would follow me forever but it didnt – it must’ve went onto someone else :)

    love your blog, i think i’ll keep reading some more !

  4. Ugh, that stuff always comes in clumps, I feel your pain! I had the same kinda crazy time a few weeaks ago – it was my brother’s wedding the day before we took off for South America and me and my bf were the photographers, then my other brother was in a car accident (he’s fine), we had to clean up our place for my Dad to housesit, I needed a visa… It all calms down eventually, hope you feel better soon!

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