Review: The Kick Inside (Erskineville) – Closed

When people ask me what’s my favourite restaurant or cafe my answer is “none”. I hardly go back to an eatery on purpose, only when the people I’m dining with choose a particular place over and over again (Thai Pothong and Thai La Ong are popular venues within my circle). My personal aim is to try as many places as I can in the limited eating out opportunities I have. In the past I used to think the reason behind was to know good places to revisit, but in reality I just recommend them when someone asks for a good <insert cuisine> restaurant.

Last week was The Kick Inside’s turn. I had read a review of the place in this cool blog written from a barista perspective and it sounded like a great place for Sunday lunch. Neil, Andrey and I grabbed a table in the tiny cafe filled with an eclectic selection of art on the walls and perused the menu as quickly as we could to satiate our hungry stomachs. Unfortunately, food took a while to be prepared in a tiny countertop stove and served.

Our drinks arrived first, a cappuccino for Andrey and a macchiato for me. We were both pleased with our beverages, although in hindsight I think it was a bad idea to add caffeine and that tiny amount of dairy to the previous day’s nutritional wreck. My left knee and respiratory system are still suffering the consequences.


Regular cappuccino ($3.00)


Macchiato ($2.50)

Andrey wanted a customised item but couldn’t get it because, as he was told, most food is pre-cooked (like the chubby bacon and egg rolls sitting in the display).

Sweets, rolls, drinks

Sweets, rolls, drinks

That being said, there are few add-ins that are mentioned in the menu, so he chose to have the free range poached eggs served with tomato relish and toasted sourdough with extra ham off the bone and avocado.

Poached eggs with ham off the bone and avocado

Poached eggs with ham off the bone and avocado ($16.00)

There was no salad that particular day, only a soup that included potatoes, one of my worst inflammatory enemies, so I passed and chose the salmon, dill & ricotta omelette from the specials board (aka “omelette of the week”, made with 3 free range eggs). I asked for no bread, but it came with toasted sourdough anyway, which I happily shared with my friends. The omelette was average, a little dry but the taste was alright. It was served with tomato relish on the side, which was good on its own but not a great complement for the omelette. A simple side salad would have been really welcomed, instead I had to rely on eating the three parsley leaves that were used as decoration.

Salmon, dill & ricotta omelette

Salmon, dill & ricotta omelette ($14.00)

Neil had the spinach omelette, which was very similar to mine, only with spinach instead of the salmon and dill.

Spinach omelette

Spinach omelette ($14.00)

It was good to finally give this place a go but I doubt I’ll be going back by choice.

The Kick Inside
43 Erskineville Road
Erskineville NSW 2043
(02) 9517 2255

6 thoughts on “Review: The Kick Inside (Erskineville) – Closed

  1. I keep hearing great things about the coffee. But if the food isn’t that good then why you wouldn’t keep walking down to Shenkin is beyond me.

    Perhaps they’re still just learning to balance and juggle all the food prep and service. They are still just new.

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