Review: Citrus (Newtown)

Last Monday we were approved for two houses. It’s been a long process due to our particular criteria and conditions, but we finally made it. Of course, we had to celebrate, so we met at Newtown station and started wandering King Street looking for a nice place to dine. A bit of a hard task on a Monday night, but not impossible.

Citrus was the first place that grabbed our attention (it grabs Alvaro’s attention every time we pass by but somehow we’ve managed to skip it til now). We ordered a bottle of cheap (but decent) sparkling wine for a toast.

Alvaro chose his meal before even entering the restaurant. He just looked at the specials on the menu outside and knew, as usual, that he was having the risotto. Chorizo risotto this time. Neil did have a look at the whole menu but ended up ordering the risotto, too. I tried a bit of Alvaro’s and it was very flavourful, with well cooked rice. Apart from the risotto I could spot some green beans and other veggie chunks, plus shaved Parmesan on top.

Chorizo risotto

Chorizo risotto ($18.90)

Bonnie ordered the barramundi fillet, also from the specials menu, that was meant to come with kipfler potatoes, baby carrots, green beans, snow peas, cherry tomatoes, prawns, and creamy dill sauce on top. She asked the waitress to serve the sauce on a separate plate and swap the potatoes for rice, which apparently was not a problem. But the chef came out of the kitchen to announce they had no rice (apart from the pre-cooked arborio for risotti) and offered a few other suggestions. Both the chef and the waitress apologised and made sure Bonnie got something she’d be happy to eat (sweet potato/pumpkin mash in this case). Eating with someone who’s got dietary restrictions has turned out to be an excellent way to gauge customer service. I tried a bit of the fish, which was nicely seasoned and cooked.

Barramundi fillet

Barramundi fillet ($24.90)

The food blogger in the house (that’s me) got the best meal. The mediterranean prawn salad was massive, and not only big in quantity but also in quality. It had it all: lots of greens (the way I like my salads), sliced cucumbers, marinated artichokes, tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, Spanish onions, heaps of olives, feta (the only below-average item in the dish), plenty of perfectly cooked prawns, rocket, and a simple but tasty lemon & olive oil dressing. I’m a fast eater but there was no way I could finish my meal before the others.

Mediterranean prawn salad

Mediterranean prawn salad ($18.90)

227 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9557 3582

2 thoughts on “Review: Citrus (Newtown)

  1. I love risotto, and a chorizo one sounds and looks great! I’ve passed this place numerous times and have never eaten here, so I’ll keep it in mind for future visits to King Street.

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