Review: Pizza Piatsa Cafe (Erskineville)

Lazy Sundays. That’s how I like to call them but they’re actually quite busy. The only lazy bit is lunchtime, when usually my friends and I go somewhere (ok, 50% of the times it’s Thai La Ong) for a relaxing meal after meditation.

Last Sunday we needed to look for an eatery that offered alfresco seating space for our special guest: Rubi. We went to Sofia but dogs weren’t allowed in the courtyard due to sanitary restrictions, so we walked back to Pizza Piatsa Cafe, which has a lovely outdoor area.

Pizza Piatsa Cafe

In case you think that this place is all about pizzas and pastas, you’re wrong. They also do cafe stuff and they do it right. Service is extra friendly and they take care in getting the orders right.

Bonnie ordered the hot chicken salad with some customisations, as usual. Out of the tenderloin chicken fillets, lettuce, rocket, pickles, olive oil, grated parmesan cheese she asked to skip the pickles and cheese. The waitress came back from the kitchen to advise they had no rocket and asked Bonnie what would she like instead. She took the waitress’ suggestion of spinach. The salad was big and had a generous amount of chicken, a bargain for $12.

Hot chicken salad

Hot chicken salad ($12.00)

Neil was the only one who ordered something Italian: fettuccine alla matriciana (bacon, onion, chilli, garlic and fresh tomato). The serving was generous and he said the pasta was really good. The chilli kick warmed him up (he was wearing a short sleeve polo shirt).

Fettuccine alla matriciana

Fettuccine alla matriciana ($13.00)

Taeko was torn between the fish and chips and the chicken schnitzel, although she had previously said “take me where I can eat a burger”. Guess she was just craving simple pub food that day. She finally opted for the schnitzel which came with chips and salad (a basic garden salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber and capsicum) and had a nice brown crumble that didn’t look oily at all.

Chicken schnitzel

Chicken schnitzel ($16.00)

Andrey had the chicken mushroom, a chicken breast fillet in a mushroom, white wine, garlic & cream sauce that also came with chips and garden salad. He said the chicken was tasty but the chips were not great.

Chicken mushroom

Chicken mushroom ($19.00)

I was starving. I took advantage of my lack of appetite that day and fasted through boxing, yoga and meditation, but at 2 pm I couldn’t bear it any more. I chose the T-bone steak hoping for a Flintstones-sized chunk of animal protein, and asked the waitress to skip the chips and add peppercorn sauce to my order (the other sauce options where diane and mushroom). She came back from the kitchen asking for my desired meat doneness, I said medium but got it slightly overcooked. Nothing major, really, the steak was nice, the salad was average (would be better with ripe tomatoes) and the sauce was tasty (more BBQey than peppery) although I tried not to overdip my steak in it to avoid the extra sugar.

T-bone steak ($17.00)

T-bone steak

Pizza Piatsa Cafe
65 Erskineville Road
Erskineville NSW 2043
(02) 9517 3755

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