Review: Barmuda (Newtown)

Last Saturday was our last house inspection day. Yeah, you read it right: last. House. Inspection. Meaning we finally got a house! In fact, we got the two we applied for and chose the biggest one. We’re excited, a bit stressed about the whole moving process and house sharing arrangements but also happy because house inspections are over. Yay!

Bonnie and I had a pit stop for lunch between our second and third inspection. We’re not doing pubs anymore for health/fitness reasons, so we went to Barmuda, that small cafe on Australia Street right next to Black Star Pastry that seems to be always packed.

This more mindful approach to eating out has led us to discover that most cafes and restaurants do offer healthier options, and that they’re usually ok with making a few tweaks to their dishes if you ask them to.

Bonnie ordered the roast chicken salad that originally came with aioli but asked the waitress to skip it. I ordered the marinated lamb salad. Both salads arrived with a big slice of toasted bread smeared with butter, which wasn’t on the menu and we certainly didn’t want. The toasts went back to the kitchen to potentially feed hungry cafe staff.

Bonnie forgot to ask for some olive oil to replace the aioli, resulting in a dry, boring salad of warm chicken breast, avocado, roasted tomato, rocket and mixed lettuce. Especially considering she gave me all of her tomatoes.

Roast chicken salad

Roast chicken salad ($15.00)

I had better luck with my salad. The char-grilled lamb was nicely seasoned, and the combo of mixed lettuce, tomato, goat’s feta (very little) and olives was simple but effective. The dressing was spot-on in flavour and quantity.

Marinated lamb salad

Marinated lamb salad ($17.00)

I was tempted to order a coffee just to understand why the fuss around this place is all about but I didn’t really needed the caffeine. Bonnie had a green tea, which she said wasn’t as good as the organic one she had the week before at 2042 Cafe, and was more expensive ($4.50).

283 Australia Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9516 3341

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8 thoughts on “Review: Barmuda (Newtown)

  1. I’ve been here a few times…back in the day…and really liked it. I like that your showing some healthy eating options – I’m trying to watch what I eat but I don’t want to give up going out as I LOVE it! Congrats on your new…bigger…house!

  2. My husband used to work at a restaurant – he always talks about the joy of the staff when a dish would be sent back untouched:) He ate for free many a night that way.

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