Review: Nazimi (Sydney CBD)

Last Thursday I went to my first meetup with the Paleo guys. Someone suggested going to a Japanese place in the city and I remembered having read a review about Nazimi recently.

Five of us met in the tiny basement restaurant that night. I had read in some reviews that the sashimi salad was good, so that’s what I ordered. The salad was really good. Even when it didn’t have lots of sashimi, it was enough for a light dinner and the flavours were good. Interesting presentation, too: instead of mixing it all it had a heap of sprouts, a heap of cucumber, a heap of carrot threads, and a heap of shredded cabbage, all topped by a quarter of a cherry tomato. In the middle, on top of red lettuce leaves, sat the sashimi garnished with threads of nori. The veggies were dressed with a wasabi dressing and there was a lemon wedge on the side in case you needed some more seasoning for the fish.

Sashimi salad

Sashimi salad ($10.80)

The boys ordered the sashimi salad, too, plus a beef dish each: beef tataki and yaniniku beef. They were polite enough to offer the rest of us a bite (yay!). I liked the beef tataki, the ponzu gave it a great flavour, but the yanikiku beef was way better. I don’t know if it was the marinade, the smokey flavour from the grill or both, but it was amazing. Reminded me of anticuchos.

Beef tataki

Beef tataki ($10.80)

Yakiniku beef

Yakiniku beef ($15.80)

One of the girls ordered the sashimi salad. The other had the Tasmania salmon steak, which sadly I didn’t get to try but looked very tasty. It could have done with a bit more vegetables, though.

Salmon steak

Tasmania salmon steak ($18.00)

We had an interesting chat about nutrition, running, etc. Dinner was lovely, some portions seemed a bit small but I think they were ok for the price.

Lower ground, 141 York St
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9283 2990

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