Review: The Green Room (Enmore), Madame Fling Flong (Newtown) – Closed

Another weekend catch-up with my sis took us to an unexplored side of my neighbourhood, Enmore. The only couple of times I’ve been down Enmore Road for drinks have been at The Duke and I must say it was way better the first time. In a way, I lost hope of finding a worthwhile place for have drinks in that area. Until last Saturday.

I’ve been a bit goofier than usual lately (forgetting and/or losing things) and I totally forgot we were supposed to meet at the door. I arrived 10 minutes early and sat down in one of the comfy chairs. My sister texted me, she was freezing outside and wondering if I’d arrive soon. Silly me.

The Green Room is not entirely green. It has a red wall, a blueish wall, old-fashioned furniture and dim lighting. It feels like being in a house, with all that lounge room furniture around. There are movie-related photos on the walls and a backstage-themed ladies room. Being bigger than most bars in Newtown, it felt very spacious, especially because it was completely empty when I stepped in, and people slowly started showing up later.

The Green Room

The Green Room

The menu has a decent list of cocktails, including house originals (also with movie-related names) and several classics. Prices range from $14 to $18. There are some wines, beers and ciders, too.

The Green Room


We are usually wary of ordering cocktails in Sydney because they tend to be low in alcohol. But the drink descriptions did sound good so we went for the Enmore Rd Tea Punch, which comes in a carafe and serves 2 to 3 people for $25. The mix of Cuban and Jamaican rum, Licor 43, pink grapefruit and the house spiced syrup mixed with mint, orange and pineapple tasted great and didn’t feel too low in alcohol. Before the ice started melting, anyway. Nice drink.

Enmore Rd Tea Punch

Enmore Rd Tea Punch ($25)

By the time we finished the drink we decided to leave, partially because I was getting hungry and the options in the menu were extremely limited: some toasted sandwiches (all $9.50) and cheese plates ($10 for one cheese, $25 for three). As usual, we entered a few places (and passed by Sabbaba for a free falafel ball) until we settled in Madame Fling Flong. What we love about this bar, more than their comfortable couches, is the free wasabi peas. I know they’re junk, but they’re seriously addictive.

Two words on the specials blackboard sounded particularly good that cold winter night: mulled wine. What’s not to love about sweet warm spiced wine?

Mulled wine, wasabi peas

Mulled wine ($6.50), wasabi peas (free)

This time we finally got to try Madame Fling Flong’s Spanish-influenced tapas. We chose Polenta de Marseilles and Tapas Chorizo. The polenta dish arrived with three beautiful rounds of polenta topped with piped and torch-burnt goat’s cheese. Due to the lighting in the room the colours in the photo aren’t very clear but that’s a yellow round (plain polenta) in the left, a red round (tomato) in the right and a green one (not sure) in the middle. The polenta was flavourful and creamy (unlike the dry rounds of polenta we were fed as kids), and we both declared the tomato one the winner.

Polenta de Marseilles

Polenta de Marseilles ($8.50)

The only issue we had that night was that the second dish took really long to arrive, even when both were ordered together and it’s bloody easy to put together. Anyway, you can’t go wrong with chorizo (well, you can if you buy bad quality sausages), this one was tasty and well complemented by the pickled vegetables on the side that were unfortunately too few.

Tapas chorizo

Tapas chorizo ($7.50)

We finished the night with James Squire Amber Ale from the tap ($6 for a middy) plus more wasabi peas (!) and called it a night.

The Green Room Lounge
156 Enmore Road
Enmore NSW 2042
(02) 8021 8451

Madame Fling Flong
Level 1, 169 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9565 2471

4 thoughts on “Review: The Green Room (Enmore), Madame Fling Flong (Newtown) – Closed

  1. I loved the Green Room when we stopped in their for a drink before dinner at Lat Dior. Loved the “lounge room” vibe…i want some of that furniture in my flat.

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