Review: Moo Gourmet Burgers (Newtown)

A Friday post-work catch-up with my sister took us to that burger place that ceased to be a novelty in Newtown a long time ago: Moo Gourmet Burgers. Personally I try to avoid restaurants with the word “gourmet” in the name because it usually means they’re not and just want to charge a few extra bucks, but I had heard good comments about their burgers, so why not?.

Inside Moo there’s a feeling of chaos. The cow theme dominates the place and it’s sometimes cool (as in the hippie multi-colour cow mural, the cow “skin” couch or the old-fashioned milk tin bottles), but sometimes it’s too much (as in the walls stuffed with too many kiddie’s Moo-inspired drawings, and the weird mismatching tables and vertical piano in the middle of the dining room).



When I arrived, Gladys was already waiting for me and she had had a good look of the menu. I did check the online menu, so we knew exactly what we wanted food-wise: a duck & bacon burger for her and a black & white burger for me. We thought about getting a salad to share but the options were not very exciting and definitely not good value for the money, so we decided to share a basket of chips instead.

The difficult part was to choose the drinks. We were torn between beers and milkshakes (I know!) and finally decided to get the shakes to remember those days of burgers, chips and milkshakes in our favourite fast food joints back home.

The milkshakes had a scoop of ice cream each, which turned out to be too little for the massive old-fashioned metallic shake glasses they were served in. Mine was chocolate and Gladys’ strawberry. Mine was better tasting (hers tasted very artificial), but neither of them lived to our expectations.

Strawberry, chocolate milkshakes

Strawberry and chocolate milkshakes

The other annoying thing about the shakes is that they arrived way before the food. Shakes are meant to be drunk with food, not as an appetizer. Anyway, next to arrive were the chips, which didn’t come in a basket but in a cone. Of course that didn’t matter. The chips were excellent, soft inside and crunchy outside, well seasoned and hot. We ordered aioli (they charge you for extra sauces, the only condiment available on the tables is tomato sauce), which was alright.

Basket of chips

Basket of chunky home-style chips ($6.00)

The burgers came immediately after. They looked amazing. Gladys’ duck & bacon burger (100% Muscovy duck patty, Beechwood smoked bacon, mixed leaf lettuce, tomato, home-made mayonnaise & orange jam) was more “gourmet” than mine (if such thing can be said about a meal), considering the ingredients and the presentation. I had a taste and it was very good, the flavours worked well and it was nicely seasoned.

Duck & bacon burger

Duck & bacon burger ($16.50)

My burger came with the top half of the bun tilted and held by a bamboo skewer to avoid squashing the egg yolk. Judging by the description (100% Certified Australian Angus beef, mixed leaf lettuce, tomato, egg, mozzarella cheese, home-made mayonnaise & tomato relish) it sounded amazing. Sadly, it wasn’t. The patty was cold and bland, the cheese was not melted and gooey, the relish was below average (and had the skin on, which I hate) and some lettuce leaves were old. On the bright side, the bread, egg and mayo were good. And both burgers were huge. We struggled to finish and then had to go for a walk before having beers at Kelly’s.

Black & white burger

Black & white burger ($14.50)

It was good to try Moo for a change, but I don’t think they make the best burgers around.

Moo Gourmet Burgers
232 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(also in Bondi and Coogee)
(02) 9565 4001

8 thoughts on “Review: Moo Gourmet Burgers (Newtown)

  1. ive been having lots of cravings for burgers, unforantley i havent had any good ones..

    OH god the egg looks awesome! i love handmade chips, they need to be EXTRA crunchy though!!

  2. Mmmm.
    I love Moo – I was sad to hear about your experience because I have only ever had good ones there.

    I’m a big fan of the beef, bacon and avocado burgers.
    Haven’t tried the duck yet, because with burgers when I know something works I like to stick to it.

    If you want great burgers though – I suggest you try Bedlam at Glebe for the pulled pork sandwich. Not quite a burger but absolutely wonderful and burgeresque.

  3. i haven’t been to this particular location, but was at the restaurant in Bondi – one of the top 5 burgers I’ve ever had. The burger & fries coupled with the scenery of Bondi Beach makes for an excellent lunchtime!

    Just thinking about that day, makes me want to go back to Australia!


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