Australia & NZ 2011 (2 April)

A jog to the park and a body weight workout marked the beginning of a new day in Christchurch. Then I had a massive breakfast: a banana, a cup of instant coffee with milk and three soft-boiled eggs on a (king-size) bed of cooked frozen spinach. There was home-made bread available for free on the hostel’s kitchen bench, but I couldn’t fit any more food in my stomach. I heard the bread was really good.

Soft-boiled eggs on cooked frozen spinach

Breakfast at hostel

After the morning teachings in the Buddhist centre it was time to decide again what to do for lunch. I had the previous day’s soup leftovers in the hostel’s fridge, so I went back to save a few dollars while feeding my body a healthy meal. A quick detour to the supermarket satisfied my craving of eating an orange before lunch.

I added a bunch of frozen spinach to the soup while heating it up on the stove and finished it with a soup-poached egg. A little trick to keep things interesting :).

After the afternoon public talk in the Buddhist centre I had some almonds and a banana and then headed back to the hostel with Andrey and Neil to try to solve some problems with extra charges in our credit cards.

When we got back to the centre, most of the people had gone to the city centre, the most affected area, to see the effects of the earthquake. We had to wait until they came back and then dinner was served. For 15 NZ dollars you could have some salad (mixed leaves, cucumber and cherry tomatoes), bread and butter, and your choice of beef or vegetarian lasagna. There were also some leftovers from the night before that didn’t taste very fresh.

My first plate had salad, a piece of bread and a portion of beef lasagna. Surprisingly (for me), the salad was the least impressive component. The bread looked average but was very tasty, soft with a crunchy crust and slightly sweet. The lasagna was very tasty and gained the approval of our Italian friend Paola.

Salad, beef lasagna and bread

Salad, beef lasagna and buttered bread

Of course I wasn’t satisfied with that first serving. I made sure most of the people were already eating and went for seconds. This time I had half a piece of the vegetarian lasagna, plus some more salad, a bit of leftover pasta salad and another piece of bread. The vegetarian lasagna was not good at all. The spinach pasta had been overcooked and was completely mushy. As said before, the leftover salad didn’t taste fresh, especially the broccoli, which was bitter.

The last heap of food that touched my plate was a spoonful of leftover couscous. Again, not fresh. Luckily, there was dessert. We were freezing our asses of but couldn’t resist the temptation of having a bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup and tinned peaches. We scattered around the heater and ate the ice cream quickly before it melted down.

Ice cream, chocolate syrup and tinned peaches

Ice cream, chocolate syrup and tinned peaches

6 thoughts on “Australia & NZ 2011 (2 April)

  1. You know, even with all the hoity-toity food that people post on the net (myself included), sometimes you just want some tinned peaches and ice-cream :)

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