Australia & NZ 2011 (31 March)

It was a beautiful day in Kaikoura. The sun and the cool breeze created the perfect climate, not too hot, not too cold. Most of the people left early to the dolphin encounter (some of the swam with the dolphins, others watched from the boat). I went to the gym instead. I know, I know.

Cate and I looked around for a place to have breakfast. Prices were higher compared to cafes in the cities. Cate bought an apple strudel at a bakery; I wanted something more substantial. I decided to stay at the Why Not Cafe, only because of the name. Seriously. Cate ordered a cappuccino to drink with her strudel, I ordered a skim latte and an omelette with cheese & mushrooms.

The coffee was alright, nothing especial for the price. The omelette was huge. My guess is there were at least 6 eggs in it. It was almost falling apart but the flavour was good, the mushrooms were a bit too watery (it’d had helped to sautee and drain them before adding them to the omelette). They gave two slices of toasted white bread and butter as a side, I ate one slice but I surely didn’t needed it.

Why Not Cafe - Skim latte, cappuccino

Skim latte, cappuccino ($4.30 each)

Why Not Cafe - Omelette with cheese & mushrooms, toasted bread & butter

Omelette with cheese & mushrooms ($13.50)

We went for a walk and bought some souvenirs for our families. Then we hung out in the hostel until a bus picked us up. This time we headed to Glentui, where our “mother” Buddhist association has bought land for a retreat centre. In the bus there were all sorts of snacks circulating back and forth. I had a couple of squares of really good dark chocolate.

We were greeted in Glentui with beers, cheese, sausages and crackers. Our lama blessed the place, we had a short meditation and then got back in the bus heading to Christchurch. I was starting to get hungry (yay! the mega omelette was finally digested!) and from the various goodies offered I had a bite of a gigantic chocolate chip cookie, some mixed nuts and a dried fig.

We arrived at the hostel just before 8 pm and got out of there approximately one hour after, when the girl finally managed to sort out all of bookings. We went to the Buddhist centre to hang out with the locals (there was no program that night). We saw photos of the destruction caused by the earthquake, really shocking. Then we proceeded to nibble on the dinner leftovers that were in the kitchen: chips, cheese, roast beef, some lettuce and basil leaves, bread, vegetable quiche, chocolate chip cake, all washed down with a couple of glasses of merlot.

Why Not Cafe
66 West End
Kaikoura 8280
(3) 319 6486

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