Australia & NZ 2011 (30 March)

I woke up at 6 after only 4 hours of sleep. We had been in the party last night, then helped tidying things up and left with our hosts for the night.

The reason we could not sleep longer was that we had to catch a shuttle bus to the ferry terminal to get to Kaikoura, a beautiful seaside town, for a well-deserved rest. By the time we arrived at the ferry terminal we were already getting hungry. Luckily, the guys had brought the panini that were left from the party. My breakfast was two vegetarian panini and a latte.

The trip lasted three hours. We were on board of one of those huge ferries that carry vehicles, apart from that it had a shop, a bar and a cafe. I got a bit hungry but there was no way I would spend money in eating there; instead I ate one of my organic pears and used the money to buy a few megas of internet access. We disembarked in Picton and had to wait more than an hour for the bus to pick us up. In the meantime I went for a walk, and had another panino plus an apple.

As the bus approached the town centre in Kaikoura I looked through the window and saw a community gym. I immediately knew I’d like this town. We were dropped in our hostels and everybody found something to do in the few hours we had before the program continued. Some slept, some went for a walk, some had coffee in cafes nearby. I went to the gym, and not any gym: a decent one, finally, with heaps of free weights, weighted bars, a squat rack, benches, pull-up bars (assisted and non-assisted), a heavy bag, boxing gloves, etc.

That night we had a BBQ in a couple’s house. Because they’re American, there were no sausages or steaks, but burgers and buns, plus bagged potato chips, baked beans, lentil salad, pasta salad, potato & gherkin salad, a green salad (leaves and cherry tomatoes) and applesauce.

Before the photos start, here’s the disclaimer. As written in my previous post, my camera died in Wellington. The only option I had was taking pics with my mobile, which unfortunately is not an iPhone. Plus, I had limited memory and didn’t have the cable to download the photos to my netbook. What I’m saying is that starting from now, photos of the tour will be few and crappy. Sorry about that.

Salads and chips

Salads and chips

Chips, salads and buns

Chips, salads and buns

Grilling burgers

Grilling burgers

The burgers were awesome, as most of the other stuff. The only salad I didn’t find very tasty was the lentil one. I had seconds and a couple of glasses of merlot, and even when I was quite full I couldn’t help myself when I saw the trays with cake. Chocolate-gingerbread, carrot and banana cakes. I had a small piece of each until my stomach couldn’t stretch no more. It was time to go back to the hostel.

Banana and chocolate-gingerbread cakes

Banana and chocolate-gingerbread cake

Chocolate-gingerbread and carrot cakes

Chocolate-gingerbread and carrot cake

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