Australia & NZ 2011 (26 March)

The travel effects were showing by this stage: bigger belly, less energy and many hours of sleep debt that unfortunately cannot be paid back. I woke up late and decided to do some yoga in the room instead of going out to sprint, followed by the same breakfast than the day before.

I had long black with sugar in Tilley’s and thought it would be my only visit of the day. I was wrong. After the morning lecture Catalina and I went to check out a Chinese restaurant nearby that has good online reviews, but they only open for dinner. Our choices narrowed down to kebabs, cheap pizza or Tilley’s. Guess where we went.

Following Catalina’s suggestion of sharing a few dishes, we ordered vegetarian spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce, basil pesto bread, and a Greek salad with tasty cheese instead of goat’s cheese (she doesn’t like it).

Food took long to arrive, as usual, but it was fine because we weren’t in a rush. I don’t know why I thought the spring rolls were the ones that come with rice paper (usually labeled as “fresh”), and when I saw the bowl full of fried rolls I panicked a bit. Well, I thought, at least we had a healthy salad on the table.

Tilley's - Vegetarian spring rolls

Vegetarian spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce ($7.50)

The Greek salad was great. I would have enjoyed it more with goat’s cheese, but the grated tasty was not bad at all. The salad came with one slice of basil pesto bread, and the additional serving we ordered had three, which made it easier for us to share.

Tilley's - Greek salad with tasty cheese

Greek salad with tasty cheese instead of goat’s ($17.50)

They use good sourdough bread in Tilley’s, and I found out the pesto was not bad at all. The whole meal turned out to be a tad too greasy, but we were satisfied with both quality and quantity.

Tilley's - Basil pesto bread

Basil pesto bread ($8.00)

Dinner, however, was a different story. Again they ordered Asian takeaway (I think from the same place as two days before). I wasn’t planning to have dinner but 3 hours of teachings and 30 minutes of meditation made me hungry. I went to the feeding tent to see what was left, and grabbed a half-eaten container of a tofu dish with carrots, rice noodles, capsicum, onion, and lots of ginger, plus some rice. I must admit it was a bit better than the curry, but I wouldn’t consider it a nice meal. I also had a greasy fried spring roll and a piece of chocolate birthday cake.

That night Matt and Tiffany, who are already legally married, had their Buddhist wedding, a really nice ceremony with a special blessing from the lama. They invited family and friends and had a party while we continued with our course. At the end of the night we had a big party, and managed to eat some leftovers from the wedding reception table, including an amazing dark chocolate & nut cake. The party went on until 5 am, I left around 2 to get some rest.

1/94 Wattle Street
Lyneham ACT 2602
(02) 6247 7753

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