Australia & NZ 2011 (23 March)

Our last day in Gold Coast was as beautiful as the last few ones. With a banana in my belly I went to the beach for a sprint workout and then came back to have breakfast with Alvaro. We basically tried to finish off all the leftovers: apples, bananas, yogurt, a Lebanese bread, an avocado and some slices of tasty cheese. I had a cup of instant coffee with milk but we didn’t manage to empty the carton.

There was an interchange of leftovers in the bus, apparently not only us South Americans feel bad when tossing food away. In the airport I was thirsty and craving a fresh juice. Pure NRG (natural, refreshing, good) had exactly what I needed: a Healthy Kick Start juice with apple, orange, pineapple, carrot, ginger & multi-vitamins.

Pure NRG - Healthy Kick Start juice

Healthy Kick Start juice, regular ($6.95)

Our flight to Canberra stopped at Sydney for a plane change. Most of us bough lunch at Wholefoods by Santos. Alvaro had a roast beef baguette, and I a tuna nicoise salad. Both were very good for pre-packaged food standards, the roast beef was tender and the baguette’s crust crunchy instead of chewy, the dressing in my salad was awesome. I bought a passionfruit yoghurt to share but Alvaro was staying at Sydney and he realised he’d better get his luggage before they tossed it in the bin, so I had the whole creamy and tangy yoghurt for myself. I think I’ve eaten more yoghurt in this trip than in the rest of the year.

Wholefoods by Santos - Roast beef baguette

Roast beef baguette ($8.90)

Wholefoods by Santos - Tuna nicoise salad

Tuna nicoise salad ($8.90)

Wholefoods by Santos - Passionfruit yoghurt

Passionfruit yoghurt ($5.90)

We arrived at Canberra, for me one of the most boring cities in the world (Osorno in Chile is still top 1), checked in our accommodations, had a shower and headed to CSIRO Discovery, the venue chosen for the public lecture that night.

Our lectures often finish around midnight, and our local friends knew it’d be pretty impossible to get food at that time, so they got heaps of Crust pizzas to sell in the venue’s cafeteria. They also sold glasses of wine, beer, and soft drinks. The small slices of pizza were $2.50, the big ones $4. It was the first time I ate pizzas from Crust and I must say that they’re way better than Pizza Hut and Domino’s. But they still taste too junky for me.

Crust - Tandoori pizza

Tandoori pizza
Chicken breast fillets marinated in tandoori spices, shallots & crushed cashews, topped with mint yoghurt.

Crust - Vegetarian Supreme pizza

Vegetarian Supreme pizza
Grilled eggplant, marinated artichokes, baby spinach, roasted capsicum, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes & bocconcini, topped with homemade pesto aioli.

Crust - Meatball pizzas

Meatball pizza
Homemade style Italian meatballs, roasted capsicum, spanish onions, sundried tomatoes, bacon & bocconcini, garnished with basil & Napoli sauce.

I had a large slice of tandoori, a small slice of meatball and a small slice of Chicken Avocado Tick Pizza (not pictured), with chicken breast fillets, mushrooms, shallots, spanish onions & avocado. All washed out with two generous glasses of red wine (first Pinot Noir and then Merlot).

Pure NRG
Gold Coast Airport
Bilinga QLD 4225

Wholefoods by Santos
Arrivals and Departures
Sydney Domestic Airport
Mascot NSW 2020


2 thoughts on “Australia & NZ 2011 (23 March)

  1. Yeah, I’m not a fan of Crust pizzas, but if I have to choose between that and PizzaHut… Here’s hoping something interesting happens in Canberra! (Lol, doubt it, I hate Canberra with a passion, but I love the art gallery there!)

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