Australia & NZ 2011 (18 March)

Friday already! So long I’ve managed to have a decent workout most of the days and eat as healthily as possible. But being in Sydney is tricky, feeling at home usually equals overeating and overdrinking. And that’s exactly what happened that Friday. We were heading to the Gold Coast for 6 days and had to finish off all the perishables in the apartment. Even when we were not that hungry after a night of partying (and eating/drinking too many carbs), we had a big breakfast: fruit salad (apples, nectarines, bananas, lemon juice, honey, and cinnamon), boiled eggs, baby spinach, grated carrot, avocado, and toasted bread.

We could barely move but had to be quick because our taxi was already waiting outside. We got to the airport and found out that our flight to Gold Coast had been delayed for other 50 minutes. Not a problem, I used the spare time to call my dad, upload photos, etc.

It was raining when we arrived at Gold Coast. I had pictured it like the eternal sun-bathed paradise but the reality was very, very far away. It was warm, humid, and cloudy, I felt a little bit like being back in Lima.

A bus took us to the apartment complex we’re staying at. It’s an amazing 30-storey building very close to the beach. We’re staying in groups of 4 or 5 in apartments that feel extremely luxurious after having spent some time in the backpackers hostel in Melbourne. We meditate in the penthouse, with a gorgeous view of the beach. What else could we ask for?

Oh yes, I know. More master cards. You see, each apartment has 2 sets of key and swipe card. The swipe card allows you to get to your floor and the key to get to your apartment. But there’s only one master card per floor, which is needed to get to the 30th floor and meditate. So we basically have to jump into the lift and hope that someone with a master card also gets in, in order to get to the penthouse. But besides that hassle, everything’s perfect.

A short stroll takes us to a small area with shops and restaurants. In the afternoon Alvaro and I went to Foodworks to get some breakfast stuff. Later we went with Angela and her son Reuben to get dinner. Some of the restaurants were already closed, and we didn’t want anything too junky or heavy, so we settled with Thai.

Zab-Isan makes traditional North East Thai cuisine. I don’t really know what that means because I’m not familiar with Thailand food regions. The menu, though, looked very much like all the others I’ve seen.

Reuben wasn’t particularly thrilled with the choice and declared he would eat only rice. What he really wanted was a burger; in the end he got away with his craving and had one from Nando’s. Angela, Alvaro and I shared a beef green curry and a chicken Pad See-Ew, plus steamed jasmine rice. Reuben finished his burger in a few minutes and when he realised he liked the Pad See-Ew, he had some with rice, too. Food was good, a bit too salty for my taste but felt fresh and the servings were big enough for all of us.

Zab-Isan - Beef green curry

Green curry with beef ($14.50)

Zab-Isan - Chicken Pad See-Ew

Pad See-Ew with chicken ($14.50)

Zab-Isan - Steamed jasmine rice

Steamed jasmine rice ($2.00 pp)

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