Australia & NZ 2011 (16 March)

Wednesday morning we had breakfast at home with Carina who is staying with us. We had scrambled eggs with spinach, grated carrots and avocado, plus toasted bread. Simple but so much better than the free brekkie at the backpackers in Melbourne.

Carina and I went for a coffee before heading to YHA Central, our meeting point with the rest of the group. We hired a bus that took us to the Blue Mountains. Once there we were given some time for a short sightseeing. We managed to see the three sisters before the clouds covered up the mountains. Then we were taken to Katoomba St for dinner.

We were given a few choices of recommended restaurants in Katoomba. A bunch of us went to Sanwiye, a Korean place that looked very charming, almost Japanese I would say. The staff was lovely, too.



Flowers on table

The crockery was beautiful, too, even when some of it was plastic.

Spoon & chopsticks

Just after we sat down it started pouring down. Luckily, it stopped before we finished eating. Because it was cold and wet, most of us chose hearty dishes. Everyone seemed pleased with their choices.

Insam tea

Insam tea (gingsen) ($4)

Spicy seafood noodle soup

Spicy seafood noodle soup ($11)

Beef bulgogi & rice

Beef bulgogi & rice ($14)

Seafood bulgogi & rice

Seafood bulgogi & rice ($15)

Jangeo, smoked eel w. salad & rice

Jangeo, smoked eel w. salad & rice ($16)

I decided to not to choose a single dish but several small ones. I certainly wanted something warm, so miso soup was a must. For freshness I ordered a green seaweed salad. As “main” I got the Korean-style sushi called kimbab, with mixed seafood (crab, eel and seaweed salad). And because no Korean meal is complete without kimchi, I got a serving, too.

Miso soup

Miso soup ($4)

Mixed seafood kimbab

Mixed seafood kimbab ($4)

Green seaweed salad, kimchi

Green seaweed salad ($4), kimchi ($3)

Food was good and excellent value for the money. Some of the guys wanted a drink so we headed to the Carrington Hotel, the venue for the talk that night, sat down in one of the old-fashioned and fancy lounges and chilled out until the talk started.

Don’t know if it was the general vibe of the place, the “toilet paper green” colour of the walls (we used to have coloured toilet paper in Peru in the 80s) or the dim lighting, the thing is that I got very sleepy. We had around half an hour to have a drink after the talk and before getting on the bus to get back to Sydney. Andrey bought me a pint of Coopers dark ale (from a nice selection of beers on tap in the Carrington’s bar) which was exactly what I needed for a great nap on the bus.

Sanwiye Korean
177 Katoomba Street
Katoomba NSW 2780

The Carrington Hotel
15/47 Katoomba Street
Katoomba NSW 2780
(02) 4782 1111

2 thoughts on “Australia & NZ 2011 (16 March)

  1. The Seafood Bulgogi at Sanwiye looks nice. Very beautiful decor. But I’m quite amused with the Toilet Paper Green colored wallpaper at The Carrington. :)

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