Australia & NZ 2011 (12 March)

I got up a bit later but before my alarm would go off if I hadn’t forgotten to activate it. We had agreed to go to the beach in Fremantle as early as possible. Silvia gave me a glass of water with lemon juice and we got in the car with Simona.

We got to Port Beach and found unusual big waves. Silvia wanted to swim, so we headed to Cottesloe, where the Sculptures By The Sea exhibition was taking place. Waves were big there, too, but we stayed. We ate a plum each, then Silvia went for a swim, and I jogged a bit until I found a quiet spot to workout. This time I did three reps of this circuit: squats, off-set push-ups, split squats, close grip push-ups, mountain climbers, and burpees.

On our way back to the house we had breakfast with Peter and Haike. There were breads, preserves, honey, fruit, butter, cheese, eggs, and coffee. I had 2 plums, grapes, a soft-boiled egg and 2 espressos with a dash of cream.


Breakfast table

Next thing on the schedule was the blessing of the Buddhist centre. After that we headed to the venue to set things up for the course. I helped carrying some tables and then couldn’t help myself and entered the kitchen to help chop onions, pumpkin, eggplant, and coriander for dinner.

There’s a shopping centre close to the course venue. Someone bought pizzas to feed the crew but I wanted something healthier. Carina went with me to the shopping centre, where I found a Pure + Natural shop. They had wraps, salads, juices, etc. I ordered a large container of half broccoli salad (celery, capsicum, cashews, sweet mayo dressing) and half spinach and bocconcini salad (with tomatoes and two small pieces of sun-dried tomato), plus a small “rejuvenator” juice (orange, pineapple and carrot).

Salads and juice from Pure & Natural

Salads from Pure & Natural

The broccoli salad was not very tasty. The broccoli was raw (I prefer it steamed), there were large chunks of the base (definitely not good raw) and the dressing was too sweet and heavy. The spinach and bocconcini salad was way better, I wish I had chosen just that one. The juice was good.

Back in the venue, we listened to the first half of the course and then had a long break for dinner. The guys cooked a Thai-style curry with chicken, pumpkin, eggplant and zucchini, and a lentil dhal. We could choose any of the two, or both, served over rice, plus a pappadam.

Dhal and Thai-style curry on rice plus pappadam

Dhal and Thai-style curry on rice

Dhal and Thai-style curry on rice

After the second half of the course we had a party in the house of a lovely couple. Again, I didn’t drink anything (and there was a nice selection of beers I haven’t tried!) but I did eat chips, roasted nuts and pretzel sticks ’cause I was starving.

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