International dinner

“Multicultural” is a word you hear often when someone’s talking about Sydney. I used to think we had all sorts of races in my country but it was when I arrived when I truly understood the meaning of the word.

The group of friends I usually hang out with (a.k.a. those freaky Buddhists) is indeed multicultural. That’s why Jane had the idea of organising a dinner in which each one brought a plate from their country (or any other country if they chose to). In the beginning it seemed that there wouldn’t be enough food but, as often happens, we ended up with heaps of leftovers.

The eclectic mix of dishes looked a bit scary when you imagined all that stuff blending in your stomach but fortunately there were no reported incidents the day after. This is what we had:

Japanese rice (seasoned sushi-style, and with thin strips of thin omelette, nori and vegetables) and sushi rice wrapped in thin omelette, by Taeko

Japanese rice

Green salad with feta cheese, by Gary

Green salad with feta

Kiwi-style lamb chops, by Gary

Lamb chops

Hot dogs, by Matt

Hot dog buns & sauces

Hot dog

Russian salad, by Andrey

Russian salad

Pulpo al olivo, by me

Pulpo al olivo

Huancaína sauce and yuquitas fritas, by me

Huancaina sauce & yuquitas fritas

Black forest cake, by Jane

Black forest cake

As I said we thought that there was not enough food and the guys that didn’t bring a plate went to the supermarket to get a roast chicken and bread (not pictured).

The next posts will be the recipes for the dishes I brought, so stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “International dinner

    1. Ah! Forgot to write about that. One of the two Australians said she’d make lamingtons. She didn’t get good feedback about this option and decided to make the black forest cake instead. The other Aussie gave some money to buy the roast chook.

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