Review: Organic Produce (Hunter Connection, Sydney CBD)

The Hunter Connection Shopping Complex is not only the best way to avoid traffic lights when going from my office to George, Hunter or Pitt streets. It also holds a good number of shops that sell a variety of stuff from baby clothes to booze. Food-wise, there are a few good-looking shops among dodgy-looking Asian eateries. The sushi rolls from the place that is right in the arcade are pretty decent, and the juices and sandwiches in the nearby juice shop don’t look bad. But what really made me plan a meal out (because I normally bring my lunch to work) was the word “organic” on glass walls right up the escalators that are near Pitt Street.

Organic Produce

On Tuesday I went to collect my ID from the consulate and then made a quick detour up the escalators to get my lunch. The shop belongs to Organic Produce, who besides supplying organic food to restaurants, run a catering service and a cafe in Surry Hills. The Hunter Connection seems an unusual place for them to have a smaller shop due to the nature of the other businesses (mainly cheap takeaway). Reality is that organic food is more expensive and its market share is smaller than that of conventional food, but this particular outlet seems to have quite a few regulars.

Even when I was after a salad, I had a quick browse through what was on display. There were chicken drumsticks, quiches, savoury tarts, sandwiches, wraps and a variety of prepared salads, everything very tempting.

Organic Produce - Chicken, quiches, tarts, sandwiches, wraps

Organic Produce - Salads

There were different sizes of containers for the salads, ranging from the small ($7.50) to the large ($11.50), the latter being as big as your regular Chinese/Thai/Indian takeaway container.

There were sweet things too, which I didn’t bother looking at to avoid craving them, and a cold display full of Parker’s organic juices.

Organic Produce - Juices

While I was checking out the salads the friendly guy behind the counter advised me that I could have more than one in a container. So I picked the protein and the beetroot salads and paid for a large container. Each of the salads has a tag with the complete list of ingredients clearly stating whether they’re organic.

The organic protein salad has organic carrot, organic free range eggs, organic chickpeas, organic quinoa, organic mung bean & carrot fritter, organic shallots, organic spinach, organic parsley, soy mayonnaise, chilli powder, cumin seeds, salt, and pepper. The organic roast beetroot salad has organic beetroot, organic walnuts, daikon, mint, balsamic vinegar, organic lemon, garlic, thyme, salt, and pepper.

Organic Produce - Protein + beetroot salad

Organic protein salad + Organic roast beetroot salad, large ($11.50)

Both salads were good, perhaps a bit dry but the seasoning was right and they felt light, even when the serving was very satisfying. Highly recommendable.

Organic Produce
Hunter Connection Shopping Complex
7 Hunter Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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