Review: Rose Of Australia (Erskineville)

The Saturday morning routine: wake up, go to Sydney Park for sprint intervals, buy groceries at the Eveleigh market (if time allows and they’re open), meet with Bonnie (sometimes Neil, too) at the first house open for inspection, drive around Newtown/Erskineville/Camperdown/Enmore to see the rest of them. We end up sad and frustrated because we didn’t find “the perfect house” and resolve to have lunch at a pub with one or two beers to depress us further.

Last Saturday was no exception. We saw 6 houses, with only 2 of them being somewhat close to our specs. Because the last inspection was in Erskineville, I suggested going to my “local” pub (the Union) but there was no parking nearby so we ended up in the Rose Of Australia, where we met people who had been house-hunting like us. The weather was great, so we sat in one of the tables outside.

The place has what I call an “enhanced” pub menu, meaning that the classics are there but also a few more refined options like pork belly, Thai beef salad, and fancy-named burgers. Prices are good, most of the dishes are between 12 and 15 dollars with some cheaper ones (of course the sides, but also spaghetti bolognese at $7) and some more expensive (if memory serves, $17 is the max).

There was a small printed paper attached to the menu with a few specials for the day. Strangely, the 1/2 rack of baby pork back ribs caught my eye and my week of healthy eating went to hell. Bonnie was torn between three (very dissimilar) options, one of which was the pumpkin, spinach and feta salad, so we decided getting both to share.

Thankfully, food didn’t take long to arrive (I hate to finish my first beer before it does) and we were surprised by the generous size of the 1/2 rack. The dish was ok for a $10 meal, but the meat was not quite tender (I guess the pig was not a baby anymore) and a bit dry. I wouldn’t have minded more BBQ sauce on them. The fries were other story: absolutely amazing. Not only thanks to the crunchiness achieved by beer-battering them, but also because the potato actually had flavour. For me, the Rose beats the Erko food-wise just because of the chips.

1/2 rack baby pork back ribs with grandpa’s barbeque sauce and beer battered fries ($10)

Rose Of Australia - 1/2 rack baby pork back ribs

Pumpkin, spinach and feta salad with honey dressing and toasted sesame seeds ($11)

Rose Of Australia - Pumpkin, spinach and feta salad

The salad was good: big enough for a main course, nice flavour, cheap price, no complains.

Rose Of Australia
1 Swanson St
Erskineville NSW 2043
(02) 9565 1441

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