Review: Orbit Bar (Sydney CBD)

Matt’s Lithuanian girlfriend Aistė is in Sydney for the first time. He’s making his best to show her the most touristic places in the city (and other parts of the country); on the night she arrived they went for drinks to the Opera Bar in Circular Quay and on Friday to the Orbit Bar in the city. Both belong to the kind of establishments I’m not comfortable in (way too fancy), but because it was a special occasion and I hadn’t been there before, I decided to come along on Friday

The Orbit Bar is attached to the Summit restaurant, located on level 47 of Australia Square. For those who don’t know the building, it’s a cylindrical tower located on George Street, opposite Metcentre. The platform where the tables are located rotates slowly, which allows the customers to enjoy the view through the glass windows. On Friday the weather was kinda crappy, so the view wasn’t as spectacular as I can imagine it with clear sky. I wonder if after enough drinks the rotation starts to become a problem.

Orbit Bar - The view

The decor of the place is fancy-stiff. Ikea-ish features in red and white make me feel totally out of place.

Orbit Bar - The bar

In general, the waiters seem too busy to pay attention when you need something. One of them looked like he really hated his job (or his life). Finally we managed to get someone take our order.

Cocktails in this bar are meant to be really good. Looking at the prices on the menu I really hoped so. Now, let me set this straight: cocktails are not my thing. I don’t mind drinking them but if I have a choice, most of the times I go with beer or wine (unless I’m in Peru and there are pisco cocktails). I felt like I was supposed to order a fancy cocktail for the sake of this post but I decided to stay true to my preferences and ordered a Lord Nelson Old Admiral Strong Ale. That beer is so good that it almost didn’t hurt to pay $9.50 for it.

Lord Nelson Old Admiral Strong Ale ($9.50)

Orbit Bar - Lord Nelson Old Admiral Strong Ale

Overall, the drinks at our table looked very boring, but the important thing is we all got what we wanted. Gary ordered a caipirinha (which was nice), Aistė ordered a Cuba Libre, Alvaro a Baileys on the rocks and Matt a Lord Nelson.

Caipirinha – cachaça, lime and sugar ($19.00)

Orbit Bar - Capirinha

Cuba Libre – rum and Coke ($24.00)

Orbit Bar - Cuba libre

Baileys ($9.50)

Orbit Bar - Baileys

Round two was basically the same drinks (I know, boring), only that this time Matt got a caipirinha. Aiste and I repeated round one.

The bill arrived with a surprise. Cuba Libre was not on the menu, but the waiter didn’t ask any specifications for the drink. It turned out that they used two shots of their most expensive rum (Bacardi 8) in each drink, making a plain and simple rum and Coke cocktail cost $24. Matt had a chat with the waiter before we left but the guy basically was too cool to admit the bar’s fault.

Orbit Bar
264 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9247 9777
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