Review: Long Black Cafe (Dulwich Hill)

A while ago, when we had lunch with my sister in Sideways Deli Cafe, we passed by a cafe that grabbed my attention because of the word “organic” in the sign. I know that studies are not conclusive when it comes to the health benefits of organic produce and meat, but I try to buy organic (real food, not junk) when possible. If there are nutritional benefits, then I don’t want to miss out. If not, the benefits for the planet and the difference in taste are good enough reasons for me.

Luckily for us, Long Black was one of the not so many cafes opened on Sunday. We were greeted by the owners, who also run the place. The cafe has a very warm and honest vibe that kinda makes you feel like you’re visiting friends.

Right next to the door there’s a blackboard explaining the cafe’s philosophy, which is transcribed below:

“… we believe good food comes from mother nature so here @ long black we try to use as much ORGANIC produce where possible and it all starts with our coffee… 100% FAIR TRADE ORGANIC BEANS. Our bread, eggs and home-made gluten free cakes are all made with ORGANIC produce, and all our meat and poultry products are HOME-MADE with a hint of LUV.”

Long Black Cafe - Organic disclosure

There’s a window on the wall. I mean, a non-working window. A window that was hung there for the sake of decoration. Very cool, I must say.

Long Black Cafe - Window on the wall

As we went through the menu an irresistible smell of something sweet being baked made us salivate and day-dream about dessert before even having chosen our mains.

The menu has the standard cafe items (salads, wraps, sandwiches, etc), with the difference that some of the ingredients are organic (I assume that not all of them are, because they’re not all labeled as so). Alvaro and I felt like having salad, he ordered the haloumi one and I the smoked salmon one. Gladys ordered a panino with organic chicken, olive paste, avocado and rocket.

On the visible side of the fridge there’s a message that says: “Our food is made w 100% love… Please be patient”. Excellent way of warning the customers that they may have to wait a bit long in exchange of freshly made food.

Long Black Cafe - Message in fridge

We asked for tap water, which was delivered in a chilled bottle with mint. Simple and beautiful, although the mint flavour didn’t come through due to the water temperature.

Tap water with mint

Long Black Cafe - Tap water with mint

Gladys and I stood up to check out the desserts and were told that the fresh muffins that got our stomachs rumbling had chocolate and coconut in them. Sounded like a plan to me.

The food didn’t take that long to arrive (granted, we were the only customers at the moment). As all the other salads in the menu, ours came with a slice of sourdough. The bread was amazing, it had black olives, was slightly toasted and had a layer of melted butter on top. I really, really liked it but given that many people do not like olives in general and butter on their bread, these should be announced somewhere (I’ve seen the butter warning in menus before). The salads were good, tasty and light, but I wouldn’t say they were the best we’ve had in restaurants. They both had avocado, salad leaves, mushrooms, cucumber, etc, and a red dressing (I couldn’t figure out what was in it). The sizes were not very big, which comes in handy when you want dessert.

Long Black Insalata w smoked salmon & sour dough bread ($14.50)

Long Black Cafe - Long Black Insalata w smoked salmon & sour dough bread

Long Black Insalata w haloumi cheese & sour dough bread ($12.50)

Long Black Cafe - Long Black Insalata w haloumi cheese & sour dough bread

Gladys’ panino was good, too. Maybe I wouldn’t have chosen that particular ingredient combo because I like my panini bound by molten cheese, but that’s just me.

Organic chicken, olive paste, avocado and rocket panino ($9.50)

Long Black Cafe - Organic chicken, olive paste, avocado and rocket panino

I thought I had decided to have a choc-coconut muffin for dessert but somehow I changed my mind when my sister mentioned she might just have an iced coffee. The three of us ended up finishing our meals with tall glasses full of coffee, milk and vanilla ice cream; not a healthy treat, but some cravings are meant to be satisfied.

Iced coffee ($5.50)

Long Black Cafe - Iced coffee

Long Black Cafe
u2/428 New Canterbury Road
Dulwich Hill 2203
(02) 9560 0818

8 thoughts on “Review: Long Black Cafe (Dulwich Hill)

  1. I noticed this place the other day while I was stopped at the traffic lights close by. Also have not been to Sideways yet either! Even though I am only down the road, next time you should call me out ;)

  2. Went to sideways cafe before but didn’t notice about this organic cafe, nice post and very healthy food you orered there. By the way, happy new yr and wish u all the best for the blog in year 2011. Let’s do some food blogger dinner catch up with Angie, Marvin and few of the lovely food blogers we met on Xmas picnic soon yay?

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