Review: Erskineville Hotel (Erskineville)

What was left of us after the New Year’s Eve party (i.e., 9 hung-over, tired and sleepy human beings) got together for dinner on the first day of 2011. Nobody had any particular craving at the moment so we accepted Gary’s suggestion to have quality pub food at the Erskineville Hotel. I had been there a couple of times before, but only for drinks. The beer selection is varied and the prices are good (tip: they have $5 Coronas on Saturdays).

I knew what my body needed (salad and lots of water) but my preconceptions of “what a meal at a pub should be” won. I had a schooner of James Squire amber ale (which ended up being almost three…) and beer battered flathead fillets w/ salad and chips, which was the alternative given to me since they were out of the regular fish and chips ($2 less).

The dishes ordered at our table hold a remarkable resemblance, pretty much all of them had the same sides. And the side salad was the same as the one served as a dish. But don’t be fooled, the pub offers other dishes as well: a couple of pastas, vegetarian spring rolls, some tapas, and the whole array of pub grub: beef & vegetarian nachos, bangers and mash, etc.

The food was reasonably priced and the servings were generous. But I didn’t like the food. The fish was oily and lacked crunch, the chips were tasteless and not crispy. The tartar sauce that came on the plate was alright, and along with lots of tomato sauce, helped me finish my meal.

Beer battered flathead fillets w/ salad & chips ($15)

Erskineville Hotel: Beer battered flathead fillets w/ salad & chips

I ate a couple of calamari rings from Alvaro’s plate, the meat was soft (good) but the rings were a bit oily and not crispy, which suggests that the oil was not hot enough.

Crumbed calamari, salad & chips ($14)

Erskineville Hotel: Crumbed calamari, salad & chips

As said before, the rest of the gang ordered similar-looking dishes, and they seemed to like them. They didn’t like me delaying their eating process by taking quick snaps of their food, but overall we had a nice time because good company is what matters most, right?

Scotch fillet ($16)

Erskineville Hotel: Scotch fillet

Steak burger & chips ($12)

Erskineville Hotel: Steak burger & chips

Beef burger & chips ($12)

Erskineville Hotel: Beef burger & chips

Garden salad ($8)

Erskineville Hotel: Garden salad

Grilled barramundi fillets ($16)

Erskineville Hotel: Grilled barramundi fillets

Black angus steak, salad & chips

Erskineville Hotel: Black angus steak, salad & chips

Salt & pepper calamari & salad ($14)

Erskineville Hotel: Salt & pepper calamari, salad & chips

Erskineville Hotel
102 Erskineville Road
Erskineville NSW 2043
(02) 9565 1608

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