Christmas day brunch

My sister, Alvaro and I spent Christmas day together in family with brunch and presents. We really didn’t know what we wanted to eat so I browsed my recipes file and found one for sundried tomato cottage cheese muffins that I’ve been wanting to try for a while, which had a few suggestions for variations. Because the recipe’s yield was 9 muffins I thought it’d be cool if we tried three variations so that each one of us could try them all. The recipe calls for sun-dried tomatoes and basil, but Gladys wasn’t too sure of the basil, so I suggested swapping it for corn to satisfy the craving I had at the moment. The other variations were mushroom and thyme, and potato and rosemary.

The muffins looked very similar in the outside but each one had their one character. All of them were good, but for Gladys and I the sun-dried tomato and corn one was the winner.

Sundried tomato and corn, mushroom and thyme, potato and rosemary muffins

Because it was brunch and not breakfast it was “socially acceptable” to have some booze. We prepared bellinis with tasty ripe peaches and a very good Italian sparkling wine I bought in my nearest bottle shop.


We decided to have a break before dessert. Al and I got haircuts (yay!) and we were ready for the sweet stuff. I prepared Bill Granger’s ricotta hotcakes and swapped the banana and honeycomb butter he suggests for icing sugar and raspberry & strawberry compote.

Ricotta hotcakes with berries compote

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