Christmas Eve dinner

I wish I could say we spent Christmas with our friends but unfortunately the last train from Liverpool to the city departs at 11:28 pm so we were on the train when the clocks hit 00:00 on the 25th. Still, we had a really good time with our friends in Christmas Eve.

We arrived early, around 6:30, carrying gifts, cheeses, crackers, wine, and a ricotta cake I baked in the morning. The tables had been beautifully decorated and every seat had a Christmas cracker with the person’s name on it.


Beautiful table

Salvatore had a hard time trying to get the coal started in the BBQ. The pig was already spinning on top of it until he gave up, cut the pig in half and chucked it in the oven.


Checking the pig

Then Alinda’s mum, dad, and brother Alfredo with wife Analú arrived. Alinda’s mum brought a roasted turkey with stuffing and gravy.



Analú brought sweets that made me a bit ashamed of my cake. She assembled a high tea 3-tier tray, the top tier had almond biscuits and shortbread angels, the bottom tier had oat biscuits and shortbread Xmas trees and the middle tier had the best stuff: chocolate “bases” filled with tiramisu cream and topped with a blueberry and a raspberry.


Piping tiramisu cream


Assembling the sweets tray

The tiramisu cream also went into tiny ice cream cones, which were also topped with berries.


Biscuits and sweets

But that wasn’t all. Analu also made a gorgeous sweet nativity scene.


Edible nativity

When almost everybody had arrived it was time to assemble the pig.



There were plenty of delicious salads available.



As usual there was also cannelloni, as good as always.


Salads and cannelloni

When the last guests arrived, our host assumed the hard task of slicing the meats. Of course his pristine white shirt was stained in the process.


Slicing the turkey

Slicing the pig

I tried to fill my plate with salads, didn’t eat any rice and didn’t have seconds. I stopped eating when I was getting full. I was a good girl… okay, the truth is I wanted to save plenty of room for dessert! But Salvatore had amazing cheeses he wanted to share with us, so we had a proper cheese course after dinner. The most amazing Gruyere and Roquefort I have tasted so far, as well as a wonderful truffled Brie and Ricotta al forno, plus the cheeses Gladys had brought. Food wise, it was the highlight of the evening.



The family agreed to have dessert after the presents, mainly because of the kids. Unfortunately, we had to leave before they finished, so I sneaked into the kitchen, plated the ricotta cake, and dusted it with icing sugar. I hope they enjoyed it!


Ricotta cake

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