Review: Ice Cube (Darling Harbour) – Closed

When four friends go to the cinema to see the sequel of a movie 28 years after the first part was released, you can tell they are old. Matt send out an email asking who was keen to watch Tron: Legacy and Bonnie, Alvaro and I joined him. Alvaro remembered only the bits with motorbikes from the original movie (in Peru back in the 80s we had to wait a few years for the movies to be shown on TV, so even when he was only 3 years old when the movie was released, he was big enough when he saw it). I never saw it (or maybe I did but don’t remember, I was too busy watching The Beatles, Cool McCool and cooking shows) but I’m always curious about geeky movies. Bonnie had anything else to do.

Our plan was to have dinner at the James Squire Brewhouse before the movie but the bouncer didn’t let us in due to a Xmas function. We walked towards Imax checking out options knowing that Darling Harbour is not precisely a place to get quality food at reasonable prices. Plus, it was packed. There were people in fancy clothes and people in silly clothes (from a costume party, apparently) all over the place.

Finally, we settled with Ice Cube, the seafood grill restaurant located just next to Imax. The prices reflected the privileged location (the view plus the closeness to the cinema), meaning it was on the pricey side.

Ice Cube

We were starving and the craving for James Squire excellent ales hadn’t gone away, so we ordered garlic bread and beer. The bread was very ordinary and the serving was small (only two slices for four people).

Garlic bread

Ice Cube: Garlic bread

I don’t know exactly how it happened but right beside us the waiter had an accident with our beers. My guess is that he was trying to get out of the door while someone was trying to get in and he lost balance with the tray. We had to wait a bit longer for our drinks, but the bright side is that nobody was harmed.

A waitress took our meals order. Amazingly, Alvaro skipped the risotto and decided instead to satisfy his long craving for fish and chips, which, thanks to a wordy description, was allowed to bear a higher-than-usual price tag.

Traditional crispy fried beer batter fish & chips, served with home made caper mayonnaise ($28.00)

Ice Cube: Traditional crispy fried beer batter fish & chips

As usual, he let me nibble from his meal and I must say it was excellent. The fish was not oily and well seasoned (sometimes it’s pretty bland) and the chips were tasty (not sure what kind of potatoes they used but would like to know) and not too crispy, the way I like them.

Matt ordered the rib eye steak. He swapped the potato puree for chips and was very happy with his meal.

250g Rib eye steak, served w/ cherry tomatoes, potato chips, herb butter & red wine Jus ($32.00)

Ice Cube: Rib eye steak, cherry tomatoes, potato chips, herb butter & red wine Jus

Poor Bonnie had a hard time when her dish arrived. She had ordered the garlic king prawns and didn’t think about asking if they were served whole. They were and she had to fight her aversion to animals that look like animals in order to tear off the heads and hide them between two saucers.

Garlic king prawns, served with green beans, creamed potatoes, cherry tomatoes, lemon, garlic butter ($34.00)

Ice Cube: Garlic king prawns, green beans, asparagus, creamed potatoes, cherry tomatoes, lemon, garlic butter

I was torn between the octopus, the calamari and the barramundi. The latter won. All seafood dishes from the mains section of the menu had basically the same sides, the only customisable bit was the sauce. I chose the saffron rouille but found it a bit bland. The fish was ok, but the creamed potatoes were a bit bland, too.

250g Barramundi fillet, served with green beans, asparagus, creamed potatoes, cherry tomatoes, lemon, saffron rouille ($29.00)

Ice Cube: Barramundi fillet, green beans, asparagus, creamed potatoes, cherry tomatoes, lemon, saffron rouille

We were given the option of dessert but Matt and I preferred to have another James Squire. Alvaro was sleepy and tired from work so he had a latte.

James Squire Amber Ale ($6.50)

Ice Cube: James Squire Amber Ale

Alvaro’s Canadian friend Jonathan arrived around that time to join us for the movie. He wasn’t even born in 1982 but having been in the country for just 12 days, he didn’t have anything better to do on that particular Saturday night. The fireworks in the harbour completed our pre-movie experience.

Ice Cube: Fireworks in Darling Harbour

Ice Cube: Fireworks in Darling Harbour

And the movie? The graphics were great. We didn’t expect much from the plot, so weren’t disappointed in that sense. I felt that it could have had a bit more geeky talk. We headed for the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel for a final beer, which was actually a very bad idea because it was too crowded and noisy.

Ice Cube
31 Wheat Rd
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 8267 3666

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