Russian Feast

Our lovely friends Gabrielle and Phil recently spent some time giving Buddhist teachings in Russia. Last Wednesday they showed us a slideshow with pictures from their trip and told us everything about it. I don’t know how psychology works here, but looking at photos and listening to stories from someone you know gives you a totally different perspective, which I guess is based on trust.

The event had a title: “from Russia with love” and was preceded by a Russian-themed dinner.

Greeting cocktails came first. Not traditionally Russian, but there was vodka in them, plus sparkling wine and pineapple juice. They’re called flirtinis and were quite strong for some of us. Strangely, somebody said “I can only taste the pineapple juice”.

Cocktail ingredients

Instead a traditional Russian salad (which features boiled potatoes, beetroot and mayo, and is therefore more suitable for cooler months), Gabrielle prepared a snow pea, tomato and capsicum salad. It was a welcomed change of pace from the popular Greek/Mediterranean salads.

Snow pea, tomato & capsicum salad

The main course was chicken strogonoff with rice. I had always eaten the beef version before and I’m happy to report that the chicken one is as tasty.

Chicken strogonoff

We decided to leave dessert for after the slideshow. As the cocktail, there was a Russian “element” in the sweet course of the meal: the name. That’s right, we had Pavlova.


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